Sunday 27 June 2010

Review: Nauti Boy - Lora Leigh

Too weak to resist young Kelly Salyers's attempts at seduction, Rowdy Mackay left home eight years ago.  Duty as a U.S. Marine put a safe distance between him and the temptation of the nubile Kentucky vixen.  Now Rowdy's back home and ready to engage in the kind of erotic games that have earned him and his two cousins a Nauti-boy reputation.

Once it was Kelly's dream, too, to feel the heat of the boy she desired.  But an attack from a stalker still on the prowl has left Kelly terrified of a man's touch.  Now as fear and desire converge, Rowdy fights to save her from the deadly threats of a stranger, to rid her of her demons and to satisfy a hunger more powerful than either can imagine.

Nauti Series:
Nauti Boy
Nauti Nights
Nauti Dreams
Nauti Intentions
Nauti Deceptions

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Rowdy has been crazy about his step-sister Kelly since she was 16 but as he was 22 at the time he didn't feel it would be right to take things any further until she was older.  To escape from her flirting he joined the marines where he has spent the last 8 years until deciding that Kelly is now old enough for him to claim her as his.  When he returns home he finds a very different Kelly from the one he remembers on his last visit a year ago.  Having been the victim of a vicious attempted rape and still being stalked by the perpetrator Kelly has become a shadow of her former self and is very nervous around men - even Rowdy.  With the help of his cousins Dawg and Natches Rowdy is determined to stop her stalker but he also wants to help Kelly regain her confidence and begin a relationship with her.

Having really enjoyed Lora Leigh's Wild Card I was looking forward to reading Nauti Boy but unfortunately I was disappointed and found this one just didn't work for me.  One of the main issues I had was how quickly Rowdy pushed Kelly into a relationship with him and how he immediately asked her to allow his cousins to join them in bed together.  Considering the nature of Kelly's attack and the fact that she was terrified of Rowdy when he first returned home it didn't make sense to me that she would get over her fear so quickly.  I also couldn't understand how she would feel comfortable with some of the sex scenes but I can't really go into more detail without giving spoilers.  I just felt that everything moved far too quickly which made it very unbelievable for me.

I did find I liked their relationship more towards the end of the book but I didn't feel emotionally invested in the characters.  The sex scenes were hot but I noticed several places where the same phrasing was used from Wild Card, perhaps I noticed this more because I read both books one after the other but it still irritated me.  I also found the showdown at the end with the stalker seemed a bit rushed and was over far too quickly and easily.  I had enjoyed the build up throughout the book but felt let down by the ending.  Overall I'm not too sure if I'll be reading the rest of the books in this series although I may pick up the next one if I see it in the library.  I will definitely be continuing with Lora's Elite Ops series though and am looking forward to trying her Seals and Breed series, both of which I've heard good things about.

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