Friday 1 January 2010

Review: Bloodlust & Initiation - Alex Duval

Sienna's dark hair was glossier than he'd ever seen it, her skin was clear and creamy, almost luminous, and her lips glowed a deep rose red that he didn't think came from lipstick.  She was stunning, spectacular, impossibly beautiful!  Jason realized he was starting.  "What is it?" he asked.  "Sienna, you can tell me anything."  And then Sienna smiled, slowly revealing a pair of very white, very sharp, and very real fangs. 

Jason has just moved to Maliby - home to rich kids and fabulous parties.  He's flattered to be included - and very flattered by the interest of the stunning Sienna.  But Sienna and her friends hide a dark secret...and jason is risking his life by falling for her.

Vampire Beach Series:
Bloodlust & Initiation
Ritual & Legacy
High Stakes & Haunted

This is the first 2 stories in the Vampire Beach series by Alex Duval combined into 1 book but overall it is probably about the same size as a normal book.  The covers caught my eye as they reminded me of the Twilight Saga of which I'm a big fan.  The books are written from 17 year old Jason's perspective which made a change.  I found the books very easy to read but they didn't capture me in the same way that other YA series I've read recently have.  There is a lot less romance in this series than you find in the Twilight Saga but that isn't too surprising considering it is written from a male perspective. 

Jason and his family move to Malibu after his Dad gets a new job with the help of his Aunt Bianca.  She also helps them find a new house in the exclusive DeVere Heights gated community.  Little do they know when they move in that all their new neighbours are vampires.  When Jason first sees Sienna he is immediatley attracted to her but she already has a boyfriend, who just happens to be one of the first people who befriended Jason when he started at his new school.  The attraction is mutual but will Sienna break up with her boyfriend so they can be together?  Add the boyfriend to Sienna's big secret that she is a vampire & things don't look too good for Jason.

Overall I enjoyed the book unlike a lot of the books I read I doubt that this will end up in my read-again pile.

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