Thursday 7 January 2010

Free Online Story: Lost - Lori Devoti

After a car crash that may have taken her friends’ lives, Rachel Daniels finds herself lost on a cursed mountain. Her only hope to escape the place and save her friends is the man she finds wandering through the night; except Cameron Renault is no ordinary man. He’s a vampire and Rachel’s nightmare may have just begun

You can read this book for free at the Book View Cafe by clicking here.  You can also download a PDF of this book here.

Visit Lori Devoti's website for more information about this story & Lori's other books - including the paranormal romance series Unbound.

It can be very hard to find short stories that are written well enough for you to engage with the characters but I thought Lori Devoti did a really good job with this.  It was quite easy to relate to the fear that Rachel is feeling & Cameron is very attractive.  At first you're not sure if he will help her or whether he will leave her to her own devices & then you have the added complication of his brother Dorian. 

The story was well written & kept my interest to the end.  It was a nice quick read if you've only got a small amount of spare time.  I would quite like to see more of these characters so it will be interesting to see if they crop up in a future book.

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