Sunday 3 January 2010

Review: High Stakes & Hunted - Alex Duval

Malibu had been very, very good to him.  Even if the place was bursting with vampires.  Or maybe because it was.  There was one vampire who'd definitely made his life more intense and more exciting - Sienna.  Being with her made him feel more alive, even though entering her world had nearly made him dead.  He'd been attacked by a crazed vampire, consumed with bloodlust, and shot with a crossbow by a vampire hunter...And yet in spite of all the near-death experiences, Jason wouldn't have had his life any other way.  Sienna was worth it all.

It doesn't matter to Jason that his beautiful girlfriend isn't human - they are made for each other.  But Sienna and her fellow vampires hide dark, dangerous secrets and Jason's relationship - and his life are at risk...

Vampire Beach Series:
Bloodlust & Initiation
Ritual & Legacy
High Stakes & Haunted

This is a compilation of the last 2 books in the Vampire Beach series.  I wasn't too sure about continuing to read the series as I found Legacy (Book 4) was a disapointment but I'm happy to say that the last 2 installments were back on track. 

In High Stakes Sienna's sister Paige comes home for spring break & convinces the friends that a trip to Las Vegas would be a fun way to spend the holidays.  Paige is actually trying to hide out but trouble soon catches up with them and the gang are forced into a High Stakes poker game to try & win their way out. 

The conclusion to the series is Hunted, as I was reading I found myself guessing at the ending but there were actually a few surprise twists thrown in that I wasn't expecting.  Overall I quite enjoyed the series but I don't think it is aimed at a younger audience & won't appeal to as many adults as other YA series like Twilight, The House Of Night series & Vampire Diaries.  This series probably won't make it to my re-read pile (unlike the other series just mentioned) so I'd probably recommend borrowing it from the library rather than spending money to buy the books.

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  1. no way these books are awesome and would totaly make my re-re-re-re read pile! way better than glittery vampires in forks.

  2. I'm glad you like this series, I still enjoyed reading it although it wasn't my favorite series. It would be very boring if we all liked the same books though :o)

  3. may i ask: who are the main characters in this novel?

  4. The main characters in this series are Jason & Sienna :o)



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