Sunday 24 January 2010

In My Mailbox (4)

Thanks to Kristi at The Story Siren for hosting In My Mailbox every week.

Books Purchased:
My Amazon delivery finally turned up so I've had a really good week for books :o)
I received the entire Dark Ones series by Katie MacAlister:
  1. A Girl's Guide to Vampires
  2. Sex & the Single Vampire
  3. Sex, Lies & Vampires
  4. Even Vampires get the Blues
  5. Just One Sip
  6. The Last of the Red Hot Vampires
  7. Zen and the Art of Vampires
  8. Crouching Vampire, Hidden Fang
As you can probably tell from the titles this is a very funny series.  I read a few of the books in this series early last year & really loved them so I treated myself to the set for Christmas!
I also received On the Prowl & Leader of the Pack - the last 2 books in the Tales of an Urban Werewolf trilogy by Karen MacInerney - and Dime Store Magic (book 2 in Kelley Armstrong's Women of the Otherworld series)
Library Finds:
I also had a really successful trip to the library this week.  I managed to find books 2, 3 & 4 of Richelle Mead's Georgina Kincaid series (Succubus Nights, Succubus Dreams & Succubus Heat) and the first 2 books in her Dark Swan series (Storm Born & Thorn Queen).  On top of that I found books 2 & 3 of Tate Hallaway's Garnet Lacey series (Dead Sexy, Romancing the Dead) and the first 2 Beautiful Dead books by Eden Maguire.
Competition Prizes:
I entered a contest to win an ARC of His Darkest Hunger by Juliana Stone.  Unfortunately I didn't win the ARC but I did win a coverflat that Juliana signed for me.  I have to say I LOVE the cover for this book & really can't wait to read the book when it comes out in the UK on 1st April (which just happens to be my birthday so I know one of the presents I'll be asking for LOL)


  1. Is it me or is there a vampire theme running through your books? LOL Some great books there. Looking forward to hearing about them!

  2. I keep seeing Beautiful Dead places. I really want to know what you think of it. Are you going to be reading it soon?

  3. @ Becky - LOL I guess you could say there is a theme to my books :o) I seem to be on a bit of a vampire kick recently but I love anything paranormal so I do have a few succubus & werewolf books thrown in there too!

    @ Sarah - I really enjoyed the Beautiful Dead books so I'd recommend them :o) I have posted reviews for both if you want more info before buying

  4. fantastic book this week! i need to read that series! i hope you enjoy them all! happy reading!

  5. Wow! Great books. Hope you enjoy!

  6. @ Story Siren - I can't wait to get reading them all LOL :o)

    @ Emma - Thanks they all look really good!

  7. I love the Katie MacAlister books too! They're great! :) Hope you enjoy all of the books you received! :)

  8. Hi Corrine, I've only read the first couple of Katie MacAlister books but really loved them - can't wait to read them all :o)

  9. I like your new layout! The colors are so warm and inviting. Happy reading!

  10. Wow great books! Hope you enjoy them all :D

  11. @ Stephanie - Thanks :o) I'm glad you like it!

    @ Brooke - I'm looking forward to reading this selection that's for sure :o)



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