Monday 4 April 2011

Earth's Children Week Wrap Up Post

So we've reached the end of my Earth's Children Week and I really hope you've enjoyed reading the posts.  I'm hoping that they will have encouraged some new people to try out the series and I hope you grow to love it as much as I do!

I had planned on reading the 6th book in the series (The Land of Painted Caves) in time to post my review today but unfortunatley it didn't arrive in time.  I'm about halfway through it now though so will get my review posted as soon as I can.

I still have 2 giveaways going on, I decided to keep them open for entries until Friday the 8th of April at Midnight GMT to give you more time to enter.  The UK giveaway to win 1 of 5 copies of The Clan of the Cave Bear can be found here.  All comments on any of the Earth's Children Week posts (find a list of posts below) will be entered into an international giveaway to win a book of your choice from the series.  The more comments you make the higher your chance of winning.  Winners will be announced over the weekend.


  1. I LOVE Earths Children series. Shame I missed the week but I will go back and have a look at some of your posts.

    I pre-ordered The Land of Painted Caves and picked it up on the day it was out but I have borrowed a few books from a colleague that I really have to read first unfortunately.

    I can't wait though - I am soooooo excited.

    Mammoth Hunters is my favourite, closely followed by the Clan of the Cave Bear.

  2. I'm really enjoying reading Land of Painted Caves right now. Which is something that made reading your reviews of the rest of the series even better, as they were reminding me of the various elements of the previous books in the series. Thanks for that.

  3. @ Becky - it's great to find another fan of the series :o) I hope you enjoyed reading through the posts. I think Clan of the Cave Bear is my favorite but the first 3 books in the series are all ones I love. Unfortunately I was disappointed with Land of Painted Caves but I hope you enjoyed it more than I did!

    @ Elena - I'm glad you enjoyed reading my reviews & that you liked Land of Painted Caves. Unfortunately I was a bit disappointed with that one but I'm still a massive fan of the series overall :o)

  4. Thanks for all your comments, I hope you enjoyed taking part in Earth's Children Week :o)


    I still love reading your comments though so feel free to leave me a message :o)



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