Sunday 17 December 2017

Review: Little Miss Shy Goes Online Dating - Roger Hargreaves

The Mr. Men have been tickling children for generations with their funny and charming antics. The Mr Men for Grown-Ups series now gives adults the chance to laugh along as the Mr Men and Little Miss try to cope with the very grown-up world around them. Featuring Roger Hargreaves classic artwork alongside hilariously funny new text.

Little Miss Shy likes being single and loves nothing more than staying in with a good book. But her mother feels quite differently and she reluctantly decides to give online dating a try. Will one of the Mr Men be her Mr Right?

The perfect book for anyone who has ever been part of the dating pool, reluctantly or not.

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If you were a fan of the Mr. Men and Little Miss books as a child then you're sure to love the nostalgic feeling these revamped adult versions will give you. The books are in the same format we know and love and they have used a selection of Roger Hargreaves' original illustrations that fit the new storylines pretty perfectly.

Little Miss Shy is quite happy being single but she's getting sick of her mother nagging her to find Mr Right and start popping out grandkids so she decides it might be time to try online dating. Lots of rather awkward dates ensue until she realises that the perfect man for her might have been standing right in front of her all along.

This was easily my favourite of the Mr. Men for Grown Ups series and it had me laughing out loud the whole way through, probably because Little Miss Shy matches me exactly and I've had lots of frustratingly similar conversations with my own mother about this same topic. This definitely tickled my funny bone and I've already ordered a couple of extra copies to give to friends this Christmas.

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