Tuesday 2 July 2013

Quick Review: Turning Amber - Sarah Alderson

Meet Amber - Thrift Store employee, mood manipulator and human lie-detector - she's forsaken boys (because all of them have one-track minds) until the day she meets Ryder, who has an uncanny ability to make her forget all her previous notions about the male of the species.

But Ryder's mixed up in some seriously dangerous business and not even Amber's ability to deflect raging psychopaths and defuse any situation is going to keep them from being drawn into it.

This prequel short story, published exclusively for World Book Day will delight and thrill fans of Hunting Lila, reuniting them with some of their favourite characters.

Lila Series:
Catching Suki (Short Story)
Turning Amber (Short Story)
Hunting Lila
Losing Lila
Tormenting Lila (Novella)

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Turning Amber is a free short story that was written for the 2013 World Book Day and is available to read for free by downloading the World Book Day app. The story is set before events in Hunting Lila and it introduces us to the characters Amber and Ryder. Anyone who has already read the book will recognise these characters as part of Demos's group of psy but even though you'll probably enjoy this more if you are already familiar with the characters you could still read this story if you're new to the series.

I love the way Sarah Alderson has given the spotlight to some of the side characters from the series, first you had Suki in Catching Suki and now Amber and Ryder get the chance to shine. Did you ever wonder how Amber and Ryder met each other? How they met Demos and became part of his crew? Do you have questions about their psy abilities? Turning Amber will answer them all and is a great little read. Once again my only complaint was that I wanted more!

Source: Downloaded for free from the Simon & Scuhster website

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