Tuesday 26 November 2013

Review: Losing Hope - Colleen Hoover

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Dean Holder has spent the last thirteen years obsessing over the moment that changed his life forever . . . the day his best friend was taken from him.

Holder can't help blaming himself for Hope's disappearance, and looks for her in every girl he meets. Until he finds Sky, who is the spitting image of the little girl he let walk away all those years ago, only she doesn't know who he is . . .

But while Holder can't help falling for Sky, he also can't shake the responsibility he feels, and the new guilt that is thrust upon him. In order to move forward Holder must dig deep into his past, and with Sky's help, find the peace that he so desperately needs.

Hopeless Series:
Losing Hope

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I loved Hopeless when I read it earlier this year, the twist completely took me by surprise and I loved seeing how things unfolded as Sky slowly uncovered the truth about her past. I did find Holder's behaviour was more than a little disturbing at the beginning of the book but after finding out what was going on I could understand his actions. When I heard that Colleen Hoover had re-written the story from his point of view I was quite excited to get inside his head and seeing exactly what he was thinking during the pivotal moments. I was also hoping we'd get a lot more insight into Holder's past and to a small extent we do but unfortunately we didn't get enough new material to completely hold my interest.

I did really enjoy learning more about his relationship with his twin sister Lesley and seeing what had driven her to take such drastic action but the majority of the scenes between Holder and Sky were the same ones that we'd already read in Hopeless. I spent a lot of time reading the exact same conversations and wondering what was the point. I think I'm starting to get a bit bored of this new trend of writing the same story again but from a different POV. It can work really well when it tells a different part of the story or adds some insight that we didn't get from the first book but when it's too similar it just feels like a waste of time reading it.

I have to say that Losing Hope is very well written and I probably loved Holder even more after seeing inside his head but I still ended up feeling a little disappointed overall, in fact I think this would have worked better as a novella so that there was less repeated material in there. Colleen Hoover is a brilliant author so I have high expectations when I pick up one of her books but this one fell a little flat for me. If you were a massive fan of Hopeless then you might still want to give this one a try but I'd say it's probably worth picking up a copy from the library or borrowing it from a friend first rather than buying it.

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