Thursday 26 March 2020

Review: Gaming Grace - Piper J. Drake

All work and no play is no way to enjoy this cruise.

Executive Director Grace Kim figures this reunion with her college friends is the perfect excuse to prove that she knows how to keep work/life balance and enjoy the Caribbean, preferably with her pants intact.

Rich, sexy, brilliant Bryan Wu has an app for that, and he charms Grace into helping him test it. He offers seven days of the best vacation of her life (bonus, sizzling chemistry) before they return to reality, but he didn't anticipate just how much of his heart he'd give her.

When an accidental error results in a humiliating video of her online, Grace must salvage her career and decide whether to erase Bryan from her memory forever or admit they brought out the best in each other.

Five friends. One singles cruise. So many sexy shenanigans. Be sure to check out all of the standalone Gone Wild books!

Gone Wild Series:
Kissing Kendall by Katee Robert
Gaming Grace by Piper J. Drake
Attracting Aubrey by Avery Flynn
Beguiling Benjamin by Robin Covington (the release date for this title has been delayed)
Loving Liv by Stacey Kennedy

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Grace has never found it easy to relax, she's always too busy working and trying to live up to everyone's expectations of her to ever unwind and just have fun. This trip is supposed to be a chance to catch up with her old friends and she wants to prove to them that she can leave work behind, even if it's only for a few days. Bryan is on the cruise wanting to test out a new app he's created, one that gives you challenges each day to hopefully push you out of your comfort zone but also designed to help you find new ways have fun. With Bryan's help Grace soon finds herself trying all kinds of things she'd never even dreamed of before but when an embarrassing video of her accidentally ends up online putting her career at risk she is forced to decide what is really important in life.

Gaming Grace is the second book in the Gone Wild series containing books written by Piper J. Drake, Katee Robert, Avery Flynn, Robin Covington and Stacey Kennedy. Each of the books stars a different member of a group of old college friends who are on a cruise trip hoping to reconnect and spend time together. I've really enjoyed the first two books so I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

I think we've all met someone like Grace at some point, someone who is a supportive friend but who is so dedicated to their work that it leaves them little time to enjoy life. This story gives Grace the chance to find a little work/life balance and for the first time she really gets to let her hair down and just have fun. Bryan does a brilliant job of brining out her more playful side and at the same time she encourages him to take certain things more seriously so they really balance each other out. I thought their romance was incredibly sweet and I enjoyed spending time with them both. Audrey is up next and I'm definitely curious to see what else the pants thief gets up to. If you're looking for a fun and light hearted series to take your mind off current event then you can't go far wrong with this one.

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