Monday 16 March 2020

Review: Snowed in - Lexi Blake

Previously released in the Alphas Confess All anthology with the name In From the Cold.

Winter might be cold, but this threesome is heating up …

Jessica Phillips never imagined that Gideon Michaels would be at the seminar she was attending in the snowy Aspen wilderness. Gideon broke her heart six months before but introduced her to a lifestyle that calls to her. She’s curious, so she’s attending a conference to teach her more. Unfortunately, Gideon is teaching the classes, and he doesn’t want her anywhere near them.

Reid Watkins is Jessica’s best friend and, unknown to her, Gideon’s longtime lover. He’s always thought Jessica was the woman to complete the threesome they’ve wanted forever, but Gideon’s been hurt before. Can three friends become lovers in a winter wonderland?

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Reid has spent three years trying to figure out a way to get his best friend Jessica, and his long term lover Gideon, to join him in a permanent menage relationship. He knows they're all attracted to each other but Gideon is being stubborn and they're both nervous about introducing Jessica to the BDSM lifestyle in case she walks away from them forever. Then Gideon manages to mess things up completely and ends up breaking Jessica's heart. Luckily for Reid he has plans to bring them back together and this time he's not backing down until he gets exactly what his heart desires.

I always love Lexi Blake's romances, especially her menage stories. She writes such great characters and makes it very easy to fall in love with them. Snowed In is a novella so it's a little shorter than most of her books but because the characters have so much history their romance never felt rushed. I enjoyed seeing all three of them figuring out what they want and need from their relationship and finding a way to make things work.

While this isn't part of the Nights in Bliss or Texas Sirens series if you enjoy those books you'll be sure to enjoy this one too. I half wonder whether we'll see these characters pop up again as side characters in the Masters and Mercenaries books, I love the way all of Lexi's books seem to link together even if it's only loosely.

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