Friday 15 July 2016

Review: Lured - Rebecca Chastain

If something threatens a gargoyle, Mika’s confident she can handle it. But can she save the day when it’s Marcus who needs to be rescued?

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READER NOTE: Lured follows Secret of the Gargoyles. To avoid spoilers, finish the Gargoyle Guardian Chronicles before you read this story.

The Gargoyle Guardian Chronicles:
Magic of the Gargoyles
Curse of the Gargoyles
Secret of the Gargoyles
Lured (Free novella)

Terra Haven Chronicles:
(Set in the same world as the Gargoyle Guardian Chronicles but featuring side character Kylie)
Deadlines and Dryads (Novella)

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I love Rebecca Chastain's Gargoyle Guardian's Chronicles and I love it when authors give a little something extra to their fans so Lured appealed to me on several levels. This is a fairly short novella that can be downloaded completely free by fans who sign up to the author's newsletter.

Please be aware that this story is set after the three main books in the series so if you're not up to date then you will get spoilers. I don't think this is a great place to start reading the series because it gives far too much away about events that happen during the book so thats definitely something you should be aware of before picking it up.

Having said that fans of the series are going to love this! It's set not long after the end of Secret of the Gargoyles, in fact it starts with Mika, Marcus and Oliver beginning the journey home after their latest adventure, but they get waylaid by something that has it's sights set on Marcus. It's up to Mika and Oliver to come up with a way to rescue him and it's going to take everything she's got to win the day.

This was a really quick but very fun read, I loved spending more time with these characters and I'm really hoping that this isn't the last we'll see of Mika and her friends. Fingers crossed for more books in the future!

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