Wednesday 26 April 2017

Review: Where's Kitty? Dot-to-Dot

From Rio to Paris, Kitty shows up in some unlikely places! These thirty puzzles will keep your tail twitching with more than 500 dots to join on each page. Find out if Kitty is stretching her legs on the Great Wall of China, passing the time in the shadows of Big Ben's clock tower, or enjoying a lazy afternoon in the sun at the Taj Mahal. Connecting the dots to find Kitty can improve concentration, increase hand-eye coordination, and will provide hours of fun for all ages.

It's been years since I last did a dot-to-dot puzzle but I love adult colouring books so when a friend bought me this for Christmas I was quite excited to give it a try. Until I saw the size of the numbers that is! I'll admit I don't have 20/20 vision but with my glasses on I don't normally have any issues but I've never been faced with text this small before.

There is just no way I can sit at a table and fill in these puzzles. I have to hold the book about the length of a ruler from the end of my nose so that I can read the numbers and that makes it extremely awkward to both hold the book and try and give myself a hard surface to write on.  To give you an idea how small I'm talking just have a look at this picture using a 5p coin for scale!

The book contains 37 images of iconic locations from all around the world & each picture has a can hidden in it somewhere. All of the pictures are made up from at least 500 dots but some come in at over 1000 so they can take a while to complete. One thing I will warn you is that there are a few images that have errors in them either with missing numbers or with numbers being duplicated.

There's no denying that the finished pictures look good but it requires a lot of concentration and very good eyesight to actually achieve the desired results. I can't do more than a couple at a time or I find myself getting eye strain. Here are a few pictures to give you an idea what sort of images are included.

Source: Gift from a friend

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