Saturday 1 April 2017

March 2017 Recap

Books read in previous months but reviewed in March:
(Links will take you to my reviews)
  1. Incryptid Short Stories Narrated by Elsie Harrington - Seanan McGuire (1 Short Story) (Read in January, review coming soon)
  2. Traitor to the Throne - Alwyn Hamilton (Read in February, review coming soon)
  3. Silence Fallen - Patricia Briggs (Read in February, review coming soon)
  4. The Snake Charm - Laura Lam (Short Story) (Read in February, review coming soon)
  5. Ariadnis - Josh Martin (Read in February, review coming soon)
  6. Ashwin - Kit Rocha (Read in February, review coming soon)
  7. Silver Stars - Michael Grant (Read in February, review coming soon)
  8. Asking for More - Lilah Pace (Novella) (Read in February, review coming soon)
Books read in March:
(Links will take you to my reviews)
  1. Crave Me - Cecy Robson
  2. Magic for Nothing - Seanan McGuire
  3. Chaos Unleashed - Pippa DaCosta
  4. Valen - Felicity Heaton
  5. Pantomime - Laura Lam (I re-read this book but the link takes you to my original review)
  6. Break My Fall - Jessica Scott
  7. The Merman's Kiss - Tamsin Ley
  8. Kiss of a Demon King - Kresley Cole (I re-read this book but the link takes you to my original review)
  9. The Merman's Quest - Tamsin Ley (Short Story)
  10. Incredibuilds: Harry Potter: Buckbeak - Jody Revenson (Deluxe Book and Model Set)
  11. A Conjuring of Light - V.E. Schwab
  12. Midnight Unbound - Lara Adrian (Novella)
  13. Magic Bites - Ilona Andrews (I re-read this book but the link takes you to my original review)
  14. Dead of Night - Michael Grant (Novella)
  15. Grimspace - Ann Aguirre
  16. Wanderlust - Ann Aguirre
  17. After I Fall - Jessica Scott
  18. Incredibuilds: Harry Potter: Quidditch - Jody Revenson (Deluxe Book and Model Set)
  19. Wanted & Wired - Vivien Jackson (Review coming soon)
  20. The Fisherman's Net - Laura Lam (Short Story)
  21. Shadowplay - Laura Lam (I re-read this book but the link takes you to my original review)
  22. F*ck Club: Con - Shiloh Walker (Review coming soon)
  23. The Tarot Reader - Laura Lam (Short Story) (Review coming soon)
  24. The Mills & Boon Modern Girl's Guide to Turning into Your Mother - Ada Adverse
  25. Tease Me, Baby - Katie Reus (Novella) (Review coming soon)
  26. Doubleblind - Ann Aguirre (Review coming soon)
Other March Posts
  1. Blog Tour: Crave Me - Cecy Robson (Excerpt & Giveaway)
  2. Cover Reveal: Ride Wild - Laura Kaye
  3. Spotlight: Ashwin - Kit Rocha (with Excerpt)
  4. Spotlight: After I Fall - Jessica Scott
  5. Release Day Blitz: Exiled - Amanda Carlson
  6. Very Exciting Surprise Announcement from Cora Carmack
  7. Cover Reveal: Hot Pursuit - Julie Ann Walker
  8. Spotlight: Wanted & Wired - Vivien Jackson (Guest Post & Giveaway)
March Books of the Month:
(Choices are made from books reviewed this month and the links will take you to my reviews)

My top YA read in March:

Silver Stars by Michael Grant (read my review here)

My top NA read in March:

Crave Me by Cecy Robson (read my review here)

My top adult reads in March:

Silence Fallen by Patricia Briggs (read my review here)
Ashwin by Kit Rocha (read my review here)
Grimspace by Ann Aguirre (read my review here)

March Events:

I've been pretty hopeless at writing up events recently so I've decided to start mentioning them in my monthly wrap up posts so they at least get a little attention!

11th March - Andersen Press YA Book Brunch

I was really lucky to attend Andersen Press' YA Book Brunch this month, Kirsty (from The Overflowing Library) took me along as her plus one which was really exciting as I've not reviewed for Andersen before. I very stupidly forgot to take pictures on the day but we had a fantastic time, got to meet 3 fab authors - Jason Wallace, Julia Gray and Catherine Barter - and I came home with a wonderful stack of books that I'm excited to dig into. It was great to catch up with Kirsty and we got to spend some time with Sophie (So Little Time for Books & Maximum Pop) and Sarah (Maximum Pop) going out to lunch afterwards so all in all an excellent day.

I wish I'd thought to take pictures at the event but I did take this of all the wonderful books I came home with. Andersen Press have some wonderful sounding books coming out over the next few months but I think Encounters is at the top of my list. I'm a little obsessed with that cover & I love that the story is based on a true event.

My Challenge Updates:

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