Friday 30 March 2018

Review: The Heart Forger - Rin Chupeco

In this dark, engrossing sequel to The Bone Witch, Tea has mastered resurrection—now it’s time for revenge.

Tea, a bone witch who can resurrect the dead, is done with her self-imposed exile. She now possesses all seven bezoars she needs to revive the powerful daeva. With the help of these terrible monsters, she can finally enact her revenge against the royals who wronged her and took the life of her one true love. 

Alliances and allegiances are shifting, and danger lurks in and out of the kingdom. But Tea’s heart is set on vengeance, even if it turns her against her now-estranged brother, who supports her enemies. War is brewing, and when dark magic is at play, no one is safe.

Bone Witch Series:
The Bone Witch
The Heart Forger
The Shadowglass (2019)

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I loved The Bone Witch so The Heart Forger was high up on my wish list for 2018 releases and I'm happy to say it surpassed all expectations. It took all the things I loved about the first book and then ramped them up to an even higher level, this book was much faster paced, had far more action, lots of twists and some fantastic monsters. I know some people didn't like the the slower pace of the first book but I thought that Rin Chupeco laid a brilliant foundation and helped to create a fascinating world for us to explore. Now she's used that foundation as a springboard and really kicked off the even more exciting part of her story.

As with the first book the story is told in two parts. You have the present, where Tea is older, wiser and far more jaded, she's been through hell and she's determined to put an end to the threats against the people she cares about. That Tea is telling her story to a Bard who is recording her journey to share it with the world. Then you have the younger version of Tea, the one who is slowly trying to figure out who she can trust. The stakes are getting ever higher for both versions of Tea and you can see how the weight of the world is settling onto her shoulders as she fights against an evil that has been plotting for years.

It's really hard to say much more without giving too much away so I'm going to keep this review short. All I'll tell you is that if you enjoyed the first book I guarantee you'll find this one even more compelling. I loved everything about this book and I'm definitely going to be first in line for a copy of The Shadowglass next year. Rin Chupeco's writing is outstanding and I can't wait to see how Tea's story ends.

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