Sunday 9 December 2018

Review: Star Wars: BB-8 Book and Model

BB-8 is everyone's favourite droid from the new Star Wars trilogy. Learn all about this loyal and versatile robotic companion and read about the adventures of famous droids. Test your logic with puzzles, games and many more activities.

Then, build your own faithful friend using easy-to-press out foam boards, complete with moving parts. Create your BB-8 model by following the instructions - no glue required! When complete, the model stands at 22cm high and 15cm wide, and displays fun facts about BB-8 on the panels on the back. Build the perfect droid companion to display and play!

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This book and model kit is a perfect Christmas present for any Star Wars fans in your life, young or old. Ignore the fact that it's marketed towards boys though because girls can have just as much fun making the model and to act like only boys can be Star Wars fans is actually pretty insulting!

This is a book of two halves, one side is a fairly small booklet but one that is packed full of information about BB-8 and has lots of puzzles like word searches and quizzes for youngsters to fill in. There are even instructions on how to draw your own BB-8 droid. To be honest this booklet is aimed at a younger audience and as an adult I was far more interested in making the model but I'm planning on buying a second copy of the book to give my nephew for Christmas & I think he'll love it.

The other side of the book contains several sheets of foam board with all the pieces you need to make your own BB-8 model. The pieces are easy to pull out (you may want to use the end of a pencil to push out the smaller parts) and the instructions were clear and easy to follow so I had no problem putting the model together. I'd recommend taking your time, reading each step before you get started and only removing the pieces from the book as you need them so you don't mix anything up. If you do that you'll be finished in no time.

The finished model is much bigger than I expected it to be and surprisingly sturdy so it makes a great addition to my bookshelves. I like the fact that BB-8's head is moveable too. This set will definitely be a hit with Star Wars fans young and old, more for the model than the puzzles but as a whole you'll get a couple of hours of entertainment out of them and you end up with your own BB-8 model at the end so it's a winner.

Source: Received from Egmont in exchange for an honest review

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