Thursday 6 December 2018

Review: Theirs Ever After - Katee Robert

Sometimes happily ever after isn’t all it’s cracked up to be…

Theo Fitzcharles thought he’d put the worst behind him when he became King of Thalania and named his two lovers, Meg Sanders and Galen Mikos, as his Consorts. Unfortunately, the realities of running a country have worn on all of them, individually and as a triad. Theo has every intention of making things right, but first he has to deal with an old enemy who’s closer than anyone could have dreamed.

Meg Sanders never wanted to be a princess. Now that she’s one of two Consorts to the King of Thalania, she knows why—it’s work. Every time she turns around, she’s misstepping and struggling not to screw up the careful political maneuvering required for her new position. But her struggles with the new position are the least of her worries she’s attacked in the palace.

Theo, Galen, and Meg must race to identify her attacker and neutralize them before they can make another attempt to hurt her. There’s plenty of people who want Meg out of the palace—and at least one isn’t picky about whether she’s breathing or not when she goes.

Thalanian Dynasty:
Theirs for the Night (Novella)
Forever Theirs
Theirs Ever After
Their Second Chance (Free audiobook novella available via the Read Me Romance Podcast)

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They've managed to get Theo out of exile and he's now back in his rightful place as the new King of Thalania but he's made more than a few waves by naming both Galen and Meg as his official consorts. Not only is he the first royal to have more than one consort but one of them is the son of a traitor and the other is a foreign woman which hasn't gone down well with the aristocratic families who were all ready to make a grab for power of their own through marriage to the king. All three of them are trying to come to terms with their new positions and the duties that are required of them but when Meg is attacked within the palace they realise they have dangerous enemies who will stop at nothing to get her out of their way.

I really enjoyed the previous books in this series but was excited to see how this triad would settle in to life in the palace. Theo was trained his whole life to become king so although he never wanted to take the role on so young he knew exactly what he was getting into. For Meg and Galen it is an even bigger adjustment, they suddenly have all this additional pressure on them and they're both struggling to deal with everything. It's a difficult time for all three of them, their relationship is still fairly new so all this extra stress is making life so much harder, especially when Theo seems to be keeping the others at a distance. Meg in particular is kept on the outside, Theo and Galen have been a team for years so they are used to working together but while they both try to keep Meg safe they do it by keeping her in the dark about what is really happening which is incredibly frustrating for her.

There was a lot of frustration in this story, although they all love each other there were times when I found the secretive behaviour really irritating and I was glad when Meg stood up for herself and told them if she wasn't going to be part of the team then there was no point in her being there at all. It's understandable that it would take them all time to settle into their relationship and figure out the best way to make things work but they are only going to be able to do that if they communicate with each other and I now feel that they're on the right track.

This was actually a great conclusion to their story, it had all the heat of the previous stories, plenty of action and it was nice to see Meg starting to find a place for herself in her new home. I'm also really happy that we're going to get the chance to see Noemi and Issac's story in Their Second Chance, an audiobook novella that you can listen to for free on the Read Me Romance podcast starting on the 10th of December.

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