Saturday 17 August 2019

Review: Their Second Chance - Katee Robert

When Noemi Huxley was forced to choose between love and duty…she chose duty. Two years later, the last thing she expects when she accepts the invite to attend the Thalanian royal wedding is to come face to face with her ex—or to find out he’s assigned as her security detail for the event.

Isaac Kozlov let the love of his life get away once before, and he’ll be damned before he does it a second time. He’s got three days to bring Noemi around to his way of thinking, and Isaac’s pulling out all the stops to make it happen. He’ll play dirty to convince Noemi that happily ever after doesn’t just belong in fairy tales.


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Thalanian Dynasty:
Theirs for the Night (Novella)
Forever Theirs
Theirs Ever After
Their Second Chance (Free audiobook novella available via the Read Me Romance Podcast)

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You can listen to this audiobook for free via the Read Me Romance Podcast or purchase the ebook from Amazon. Some of the ebooks will have extra content like an extended epilogue but I'm not sure if that's the case with this one since I've only listened to the audio version.

The only reason I actually subscribed to the Read Me Romance podcast is that I'm a big fan of Katee Robert's writing and I wanted to listen to Their Second Chance. To be honest the podcast audiobooks have been pretty hit and miss for me so I'm not sure if I'll listen to any of the others after this one but I'm glad I at least made it this far.

Noemi and Isaac were both likeable side characters in the Thalanian Dynasty trilogy so I was really pleased when I found out they were going to get their own story. It was obvious that they had chemistry but we never really saw much of their relationship in the earlier books so it was interesting to find out more about them in this story. Noemi has always put her family first so it wasn't a surprise to find out that she felt she couldn't marry a bodyguard but I'm glad she chose to ignore tradition and fight for what she really wanted in the end.

While I enjoyed Their Second Chance I have to admit I was left a little disappointed. I think these two deserved a longer story and it would have been so much more enjoyable if we'd been able to spend more time with them. We still saw very little of their past relationship, they've not been talking for 2 years and yet within hours of jumping back in bed together they're both talking marriage and happily ever afters. It didn't feel believable to me that things would move so quickly and sadly that ruined the story. As a free audiobook I suppose I can't complain too much but I definitely have no interest in reading this story again.

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