Tuesday 11 September 2018

Review: Forever Theirs - Katee Robert

Meg Sanders enjoyed her wild night with a prince and his bodyguard—but now she’s moving on. She has enough problems without borrowing the kind of trouble Theo brings just by being who he is. But no matter how determined she is to leave that night a fond memory, she hasn’t seen the last of Theo and Galen…

Galen Mikos's life boils down to one goal. Keep Theo alive. But as long as Theo draws breath, he’s a threat to the powers that have taken over Thalania—and anyone they associate with runs the risk of becoming a target, too. Galen will never forgive himself if they let their selfish desire for Meg puts her in danger. But it might already be too late…

Theo Fitzcharles might be an exiled prince, but he doesn’t intend to stay that way. He’s only concerned with one thing—clearing his mother’s name and reinstating himself as Crown Prince of Thalania. There’s no room in that plan for distraction, especially when it makes him forget himself the way Meg does. But after spending one perfect night with her and his best friend, Theo has no intention of leaving her alone.

Even if it damns all three of them in the process.

Thalanian Dynasty:
Theirs for the Night (Novella)
Forever Theirs
Theirs Ever After
Their Second Chance (Free audiobook novella available via the Read Me Romance Podcast)

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I absolutely loved the chemistry between Meg, Theo and Galen in the prequel novella Theirs for the Night (currently available for free from all ebook retailers but this is a limited sale so grab it while you can!) so I've been looking forward to this full length book. There is absolutely no doubt that Katee Robert can write fantastic sex scenes and this triad is hot enough to melt my kindle! This picks up the story not long after the end of the novella so I'd definitely recommend reading that first so you know the character's full history.

Meg, Theo and Galen each had their own reasons for making sure their one night together was just that and nothing more but sometimes life has a way of upsetting well laid plans and that's exactly what happens here. Theo is a prince in exile thanks to his uncle's attempts to take control of the throne, his goal all along has been to prove his uncle's lies and reclaim his rightful place as the Crown Prince with the help of his best friend and bodyguard Galen. Meg on the other hand just wants to finish her studies so that she can become an accountant and have the security that was missing throughout her childhood. Unfortunately for Meg Theo's uncle has realised that she was important to his nephew and has decided to use her to get control of Theo and Galen. Now the three are on the run and desperately searching for the proof they need to get Theo's crown back.

I found it really easy to like all three of these characters and I think one of the things I liked most was that all of them seem to play an equal part in the relationship. Theo and Galen have been best friends and lovers for years so you might think that adding a third into the mix would ruin their relationship but it actually worked really well and Meg just fitted together with them perfectly. I really enjoyed the scenes with all three of them but was glad we got to see them in different pairings too and there didn't seem to be any jealousy when any one of them wasn't directly involved.

I have to admit that the relationship did feel a little rushed, I can put that to one side when I'm reading a romance novel but I did feel it was far too soon for the big announcement that Theo made at the end of the book no matter how much I'm looking forward to seeing the fallout in the sequel! The romance side of the story really worked for me but I felt the suspense was a little too far on the back burner, I never really felt the danger they were in and it all seemed to be resolved a little too quickly considering this is a series rather than a standalone book. Having said that I'm still really looking forward to the next book in the series and I'm glad that Theirs Ever After will be published later this year so I don't have to wait too long to see what happens next!

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