Saturday 22 September 2018

Review: The Dowager Magus - Sebastien de Castell

Set during the events of the first Spellslinger book, Mer’essan, a Dowager Magus of the Jan’Tep finds her contemplations interrupted by a mysterious stranger who brings unexpected danger into Mer’essan’s life.

This is a free short story that can be read on Sebastien de Castell's website

Spellslinger Series:
The Dowager Magus (Free short story)
Queenslayer (May 2019)
Crownbreaker (October 2019)

Visit Sebastien de Castell's website for more information

I really enjoyed this little short story showing the first meeting between the Dowager Magus Mer’essan and the wanderer Ferius of the Argosi.

I'm not going to say much about it but you can get this and other short stories for free by signing up to Sebastien de Castell's newsletter here:

Source: Read for free on the author's website

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