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Review: Long Lost - Lexi Blake

A stolen past

The only thing Tucker remembers of his past is pain. Used in a doctor’s evil experiments, his memories and identity were erased, and his freedom taken. He believed his nightmare was over when he was liberated by the men and women of McKay-Taggart, until he heard the name Steven Reasor. The idea that he could have been involved in the terrible experiments that cost his “brothers” everything crushed him. A desperate attempt to force him to remember the truth almost cost him his life. Now his world is in chaos and his only path to finally uncover the truth and atone for his sins leads to Veronica Croft.

A painful present

Veronica “Roni” Croft knew Dr. Steven Reasor was bad for her, but she also saw a side of the man that no one else knew. Even as she began to believe their employer was hiding something sinister, she was drawn to him like a moth to a flame. Their affair was passionate and intense, but also fraught with danger. When he disappeared under mysterious circumstances, she took her first chance to run and never looked back. She has stayed hidden ever since, running from forces she knows are too powerful to overcome. But now the man she believed was dead, the man she mourned, has returned and needs her help.

A dangerous future

As Tucker and Roni unravel the secrets of his past, a dark force rises and threatens to destroy them. Their only chance for survival will require them to join forces with the Lost Boys’ worst enemy. Only together can they finally unlock Tucker’s past. But as Tucker’s memories begin to come back, will it free them both or tear them apart forever?

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I've been waiting for Tucker's story ever since I first started reading about the Lost Boys. He's always been so protective of his brothers, proven at the end of the last book when he sacrificed himself so that one of their wives wouldn't be hurt, but there have also been hints at a much darker side to his past where he might even have been involved in the early experiments they were used in. He still has no memory of his past thanks to Dr Hope's mind wiping drugs but rumours that he might at one point have been her right hand man are driving him insane. He can't bear the thought that he might have been responsible for anyone else's suffering so when Levi Green offered him an experimental cure he took it.

After taking the cure Tucker spent two weeks in a coma while his brothers continued their desperate search for answers. The only lead they have is Roni, a woman who once worked as an intern for Hope but who has been in hiding for the last few years. Roni knew Tucker when he was Steven Reasor and she's the only one who might be able to help him figure out how involved he was in Hope's experiments. Roni remembers two very different sides to Steven, there was the guy at work who most people were terrified of, and the one she knew privately and had a brief but intense affair with. When she meets Tucker she discovers yet another side to his personality she's not quite sure what to make of him.

Tucker may not remember the time he spent with Roni but for years he has dreamed of her face and he knows she was important to him. Now the two of them, along with the rest of the Lost Boys, are desperately trying to piece everything together so they can all learn their true identities and hopefully get their lives back. But their enemies are circling and as Tucker's memories start to return it places them in more danger than ever before.

This series is just getting better and better with each and every book. Tucker is easily my favourite of the Lost Boys and it was so good to see him finally figure out exactly what had happened before his mind was wiped. There were some really heartfelt moments in this book between him and his brothers and I loved the romance between him and Roni. Roni had very good reasons for being wary of Tucker and the rest of the team but she's a fighter so with her mother's support she does her best to help them all. I can't stand Levi so I'm really hoping we'll see him brought down soon, he's been causing trouble for the team for far too long so I'd be very happy to see Ezra or Solo put a bullet in him in the next book (fingers crossed!).

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