Saturday 27 March 2010

Holiday Time

I just wanted to let you all know that I'm going to be on holiday for the next week.  I'm going to take my laptop with me but as we're going to be spending most of the week in the middle of nowhere I don't think I'll get enough signal to get online.  I have scheduled a couple of posts for while I'm away but things will be back to normal next week.  Please feel free to leave me lots of comments - it might take me a while to catch up but I promise to return your visit when we get home :o)  I do have internet access through my phone so I'll still be getting my emails & should be appearing on Twitter occasionally (just in case you miss me while I'm gone LOL)

Ant is a keen fisherman so we're going to Devon for the week, he can fish & I'm going to be spending my days relaxing by the lake reading - sounds good to me!  I'm hoping for a little sunshine but its supposed to rain all week so that could make things interesting - although we do have a lovely villa with a 4 poster bed and a whirlpool bath so I'm sure we'll think of something to amuse ourselves :o)
It's my birthday while we're away & I'm planning a giveaway - I just didn't have time to sort out all the details before I left so keep an eye out for it at the beginning of April.  I'm also planning on getting a new tattoo done for my birthday so I'm very excited about that - I know it's completely unrelated to books but I'm sure I'll be posting pics when I get back anyway LOL.

Well we're leaving in less than an hour so I'd better get off the computer & finish packing!  Hope you all have a fab week :o)


  1. Happy Birthday! Have a nice holiday - it sounds lovely :)

  2. That four poster bed looks oh so lovely. ;) ;)
    Have a great vacation!

  3. Have a great holiday, Sarah! And Happy Birthday for while you're away!

  4. omg def post a pic of the tat!!!

    hope you have fun!!!

    reading by a lake sounds awesome!

    we're going away for easter and im trying to decide how many books i should take lol

  5. Thanks for the messages everyone - we had a lovely holiday although it would have been even better if we'd had some nice weather LOL. I had a fab birthday though :o)



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