Monday 8 March 2010

It's Monday, What are you Reading? (9)

This meme was started at J. Kaye's Book Blog but has now moved to One Person's Journey Through a World of Books run by Sheila. 

Books read last week:
  1. Prey - Rachel Vincent
  2. Vampirates: Demons of the Ocean - Justin Somper
  3. Perfect Chemistry - Simone Elkeles
  4. Leader of the Pack - Karen MacInerney
What I'm reading now:

What I'll be reading next:

I'm not going to set too many reading goals but I do want to read Lex Trent versus the Gods and Dark Life this week.  After that I really need to read a few of the library books I have as some of them are due back soon but I'll just have to see how I get on.

Challenge updates:

Contests won:
  1. I was lucky enough to win the runners up prize for the Speculative Fiction Challenge from Carolyn at Book Chick City which is a copy of WE by John Dickinson.
  2. I recieved a copy of the eBook Inevitable Surrender from author Destiny Blaine when she did a guest post at The Geeky Bookworm
  3. I also won new eBook release Sex Tool by Elise Hepner from her blog
What are you reading?


  1. Perfect Chemistry is on my wish list. I enjoyed your review. Happy reading!

  2. Wow, congrats on all your contest wins! I hope you enjoy whichever books you decide to read this week :)

  3. You lucky thing winning so many contests! I hope you enjoyed all those books you've finished :-)

    Here is mine

  4. You're so awesome! Your challenges are nearly complete now :)

  5. friend lent me her perfect chemistry and i cant wait to read too.but there's so many books in so little time..

    here's mine;

    happy reading!

  6. I've seen the Vampirates books a few times, but haven't picked them up at all. Are they any good? I may have to check them out at the library.

    Hope you have a wonderful reading week!

  7. Well done on all the contests, I'm looking forward to Perfect Chemistry myself!

  8. Great contest wins! And the reading goals seem really manageable. I like that.

    Mine is here:

  9. @ Zia - Glad you liked my review & I hope you enjoy Perfect Chemistry as much as I did :o)

    @ Alitareads - Thanks :o) I hope you have a great week!

    @ Becky - I really liked all the books I read this week & would recommend any of them :o) Hope you had a good week too.

    @ Book Chick City - Dark Life & Demon's Lexicon both look fab, hope you enjoy them!

    @ Dwayne - I think I need to sign up for some harder challenges LOL. Hope you have a fab week!

    @ Darlyn - I'm sure you'll love Perfect Chemistry! I have the same problem with too many fab books & not enough time to read them all LOL :o)

    @ Hannah - I enjoyed the first Vampirates book & am looking forward to continuing the series. The links on the list of books I've read take you to my reviews if you want to read more :o)

    @ Rhiana - Perfect Chemistry was fab - I'm sure you'll love it :o) Have a great week

    @ Laurel-Rain - I've found I'm getting more reading done when I don't stress myself out by setting unrealistic targets LOL. Hope you have a great week!

  10. I really want to read the Rachel Vincent series. Hopefully I'll get my hands on them soon. Hope you have a great reading week :)

  11. You had a great reading week last week I'm go check out your reviews you had a couple I want to read.

    Have a great reading week!

  12. @ Chrissie - I'm sure you're going to love the Shifters series :o)

    @ Heidi - Hope you find the reviews helpful :o) Have a fab week!

  13. Rising Shadow looks wonderful. Kudos for updating your challenges.... mine are so behind!

  14. Hi Sheila, I really liked Rising Shadow & can't wait to read Merger when it comes out :o) You've got plenty of time to catch up with your challenges so I wouldn't start worrying yet!



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