Thursday 30 August 2012

Review: Masquerade - Rachel Morgan

Betrayed by the guy who supposedly loved her, Violet deals with her anger and hurt by teaming up with her archrival Ryn to help him find his missing sister. Hanging out with Ryn isn’t high on Vi’s list of things to do, but she kind of owes him after he inconveniently saved her life recently. As the two of them struggle to put their differences aside, they find themselves drawn into a plot much greater than a single missing child. A plot with Violet herself at the center.

Creepy Hollow Series:
Guardian (Short Story)
Labyrinth (Short Story)
Traitor (Short Story)
Masquerade (Short Story)
Titles and release dates for future instalments to be confirmed.

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Masquerade is the fourth story in Rachel Morgan's Creepy Hollow series and I would highly recommend reading them in order or you won't be able to follow the ongoing plot. I'm going to warn you now that this review will contain spoilers for previous stories so if you haven't started reading it yet then look no further. I can recommend checking out the first story Guardian though.

After the shocking betrayal at the end of Traitor Violet barely escapes her latest battle with Zell with her life. Badly injured the last person she expects to come to her aid is enemy Ryn but she has no choice but to accept his help. It turns out that Ryn had a reason for helping her though - his sister is missing and he needs Violet to help him find her. As they join together to search for Calla can they put their differences aside and recover the friendship they had many years ago?

Masquerade is a fab instalment to the Creepy Hollow series and I think it was my favourite part of the story to date. It was really interesting to find out more about the background between Ryn and Violet and see just why he came to hate her so much. They lost their friendship thanks to grief and misunderstandings but can they work together to come out stronger on the other side?

I love the way we get regular instalments for this series - it's like watching a TV series in book form and if you've enjoyed the earlier stories then you're sure to like this one just as much. They really are perfect for when you just want something quick and fun to read and I'll be looking forward to finding out what happens next for Violet. I was slightly disappointed that we didn't find out more about the reasons behind Nate's recent actions but seeing a nicer side to Ryn more than made up for it!

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  1. Thank you, thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed getting to know Ryn a little better - I certainly enjoyed writing his character!

  2. Thanks Rachel, I'm hoping that means we're going to be seeing much more of Ryn in future stories? (I'm keeping my fingers crossed for that!)



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