Tuesday 14 January 2014

Everything You Need For A Perfect Night Of Reading

For those who like to curl up with a good book, atmosphere can be enormously important. It's easy enough to read through a few chapters just about anywhere, particularly with the convenience and portability offered by e-reading devices like the Amazon Kindle. However, to truly get the most out of a few hours of reading, it's still nice to have a cozy corner set up or the perfect evening planned.

In the interest of providing you with just such an evening, here are our picks for the five things you need for the perfect night of reading.

1. An Actual Hardcover Book

As mentioned already, e-readers certainly have their benefits. But if you're interested in the experience of a true atmosphere during a night at home reading, a tangible hardcover book can be wonderful. It costs a bit more, and it's a bit less convenient, but aesthetically it's simply more pleasing. Also, looking at a screen all night can be a bit tiresome. For your next night in, head to the nearest Barnes and Noble or local book shop to pick up a bestseller in person.

2. Bath Products

It's a bit cliché, but nothing beats reading in a warm tub. And for that reason, bath products— salts, bubbles, and even candles to place alongside the tub—are perfect for your next night in. You don't want to put yourself to sleep, but physical relaxation can really help you to simply lose your mind in your book.

3. Some Nice Wine

If you're setting up the perfect reading night at home, don't settle for whatever bottle you have on hand already. Find a bottle or two that you're excited to try! It can be fun to pick out a bottle at random, but if you want to make sure you have something you like, the M&S, experts’ blog and tasting tips can help you to narrow down your options and figure out which sort of wine you’re really aiming for. Ultimately, you're never sure about a bottle until you try it, but this way you can take advantage of some professional tips and combine them with your own preferences to find a bottle or two you can enjoy on your night of reading.

4. Something Warm & Cozy

The bath gets a lot of attention for relaxing nights in. But if you're planning on reading for hours, you'll have to get out at some point! At this stage, something new, warm and comfortable is ideal. It might be anything from a Snuggie, to a fluffy new blanket to curl up with, to even a few new soft foam pillows to prop up on. The point is, it's as good a time as any to try out a few new home comforts.

5. Refreshments Beyond Wine

Wine is wonderful for nights at home, but you should consider snacks and other refreshments as well. In some cases it might be a decadent dessert picked up in advance to have on hand. And for some, it might be coffee or espresso for the evening. Whatever the case, a few favourite treats can keep you relaxed and comfortable while you read your latest book.

This is a guest post by Michelle Rode. Michelle is an avid fan of romance and erotica literature. When not blogging about her latest reads at the local coffee shop, she enjoys catching up on the latest films and relaxing with her husband, Mark.

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