Tuesday 7 January 2014

Review: Wild Hearts - Tina Wainscott

Kicking off a new series in this sizzling eBook original novella, Tina Wainscott returns with a team of tough, fearless heroes who are prepared for just about anything, except the last threat they could ever expect: true love.

On a good day as a Navy SEAL, you save a life, protect a freedom, stop a killer. And on a bad day . . . well, you don’t get to have a bad day. But then one SEAL team does. Five impeccably trained soldiers—used to danger, unafraid of death—are sent into a black ops assignment where no one knows the full story of deceit and deception. The situation gets ugly. The press gets wind. Someone has to take the fall. And when these five SEALs fall, they fall hard.

Meet the Justiss Alliance: Risk, Rath, Saxby, Knox, and Julian. Led by a mysterious employer with plenty to hide, these fallen stars of the D.O.D. are about to take advantage of their ruined reputations and start turning wrongs to rights—no matter the cost.

Justiss Alliance Series:
Wild Hearts (Novella)
Wild on You
Wild Ways (May 2014)

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When Risk and his team of Navy SEALs are sent on a top secret black ops mission in Mexico they have no idea how much trouble they are about to land in. Bad intel and a possible betrayal turns their well planned mission into a complete nightmare and with the government needing to deny all involvement the team has to take the fall. Dishonourably discharged from the Navy with their reputations in tatters the men have to find a new path. That's where the Justiss Alliance comes in offering them all the chance to use their special skills to bring about justice for those who can't find it for themselves. The Justiss Alliance operates by their own rules and has it's own code of honour - they're willing to break all the rules as long as it means achieving the right results.

As soon as I heard about Tina Wainscott's Justiss Alliance series I knew I wanted to read it so I couldn't wait to start Wild Hearts the prequel novella. This story is very short (around 70 pages) so I'll warn you now there isn't much of a story here. You do get to follow the team on their mission to Mexico to see exactly how things went down and how badly they were treated afterwards even though they'd just been following orders, that only takes around 20% of the book though so doesn't go into a huge amount of detail. The rest of the time is spent introducing the five main characters Risk, Rath, Saxby, Knox and Julian. The men have just returned home and are struggling to adjust to their new situation and being known as failures instead of heroes. They had to sign a non-disclosure agreement so they can't even tell their families about what actually happened to set the record straight. I really enjoyed getting to see a little about each of their backgrounds, the reasons they joined the SEALs in the first place and what compels them to take up Chase's offer of a job with the Justiss Alliance.

Wild Hearts is an interesting start to the series, it doesn't have as much of a story as I was expecting but it is a great introduction to the characters and I have high hopes for the rest of the series. Each of these characters will take the lead in one book where they'll get to find their own happily ever after starting with Risk in Wild on You which is out in February.

Source: Received from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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