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Review: Wild on You - Tina Wainscott

Introducing the Justiss Alliance, an elite team of heroes out to do right. In Wild on You, one untamable SEAL meets a woman who handles the wildest sort of animals—until she herself becomes the hunted.

When Rick Yarbrough, aka Risk, a discharged SEAL with a taste for danger, joins the Justiss Alliance, his first assignment seems like a baby-sitting gig: He must guard an out-of-control general’s daughter. Then he meets his charge.

Addie Wunder is no baby. She’s a dedicated animal-rights activist who isn’t above breaking the law if innocent creatures are threatened. But her work has made her a lot of powerful enemies. If she doesn’t stop, she may just turn herself into an endangered species.

Risk’s mission is to keep Addie out of trouble. But as they grow closer, Addie becomes so much more than a job. And the more he has to lose, the more Risk is willing to put his own life on the line—for her cause, her safety, and her sweet-hot embrace.

Justiss Alliance Series:
Wild Hearts (Novella)
Wild on You
Wild Ways (May 2014)

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Wild on You is the first full length story in Tina Wainscott's Justiss Alliance series, we have previously met Risk and the other members of his elite SEAL team in the prequel novella Wild Hearts but this gives us a chance to get to know Risk and some of the others a little better. This is such a fun story, one that is full of humour, plenty of action and some great chemistry between the main characters. We get to see Risk starting to settle into life as a civilian and he gets much more than he bargained for in his first job for the Justiss Alliance.

When he finds out his assignment is to protect a young woman Risk thinks it'll be a piece of cake, OK so she has already had attempts made on her life but how many enemies can one girl have? It doesn't take him long to discover that Addie is going to cause him plenty of problems though, a fierce believer in animal rights Addie is willing to go to whatever lengths it takes to protect innocent animals, even if it does mean breaking a few laws to save a life. She has upset plenty of people along the way and has a list of enemies a mile long. Add that to the fact that she isn't willing to spend her time sitting quietly somewhere safe - not when there are animals that still need to be rescued - and Risk has a big task on his hands. It doesn't help that he's having trouble keeping his hands to himself either, everything about Addie draws him in, her lust for life and the way she is so willing to fight for what she believes in leaves him desperate to know if she is as passionate in the bedroom as she is out of it.

Addie is a fabulous heroine, she is the kind of woman who fights for what she believes in. She has strong principles and she stands by them. There were a few times when I found her ridiculously naive around Risk but thankfully their interactions were just so funny that it didn't spoil the story. Risk got his nickname because he is an adrenaline junkie, he lives life in the fast lane and loves adventure. He and Addie tended to feed off of each other as they come up with more and more crazy plans but I felt that their personalities really complimented each other and they were a well matched couple. They have great banter, fabulous chemistry and a believable connection so although their relationship develops quite quickly it didn't seem implausible.

The suspense side of the story was good and I liked the fact that Addie wasn't a completely hopeless damsel in distress, she makes a couple of mistakes but I felt they were understandable ones and she always learns from them and goes on to make more sensible choices. I loved that Risk respected Addie's need to take action and that he took charge of her safety without forcing her to stop living her dream. He was willing to support her in her animal rights activities but insisted on her letting him help her and make sure she was safe while she was doing her thing. Working together they were able to accomplish much more than she would have done alone and she was smart enough to realise that. We get a chance to see some of the other guys from the Justiss Alliance again and I enjoyed the banter between all of the guys, they were obviously a very tight team in the SEALs and that hasn't changed even though they are now out of the military. I'm definitely looking forward to spending more time with the group as the series continues. If you're looking for a fun and fairly light hearted romantic suspense then I'd definitely recommend giving this one a try, I would say it's probably a good idea to read the prequel novella (Wild Hearts) first though because it is a great introduction to the characters and explains exactly why the whole team was forced out of the SEALs.

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