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Quick Review: Cupcakes and Ink - Helena Hunting

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When a tragic accident devastates Tenley Page's life, she flees her hometown in search of somewhere she can start afresh. In Chicago she finds work, college, friends, and she tentatively begins to piece her life back together.

Then she meets Hayden Stryker. A devilishly handsome tattoo artist with a dark past of his own.

From their fleeting interactions, Hayden's intrigue with Tenley grows into fascinated. But as they get closer, Tenley must balance her feelings from him with the guilt she carries from the life she left behind.

Tenley and Hayden's story continues in the hugely popular CLIPPED WINGS.

Clipped Wings Series:
Cupcakes and Ink (Short Story)
Clipped Wings
Between the Cracks (Free Short Story)
Inked Armour
Cracks in the Armour (Short Story)

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Cupcakes and Ink is a prequel short story for Helena Hunting's new Clipped Wings series. Considering it has less than 40 pages you can't expect too much of a story from this prequel but it is a great taster of the series and a really nice introduction to the characters that has definitely left me wanting more.

We meet Tenley as she arrives in a new town where she has moved to escape something from her past, we don't yet know what happened to her but we do know that it has left her damaged and wanting to start afresh. She doesn't know anyone in Chicago but she's found a reasonably cheap apartment and a part time job in the antique shop downstairs to tide her over until she starts college. She comes across as very shy and she seems to want to keep to herself but she is also incredibly intrigued by Hayden, the tattoo artist who works in the shop opposite her and who happens to be the nephew of her new boss and landlady.

We know even less about Hayden than we do about Tenley, it is hinted at that he is hiding something about his past but we don't know much more than that and I'm looking forward to getting to know him better as the series continues. I can't resist a guy with tattoos and I definitely have a thing for tattoo artists so I have a feeling I'm going to love him! Cupcakes and Ink shows their hesitant first encounters where Tenley is desperately trying to keep her distance while Hayden pushes to get to know her. There is a strong attraction on both sides and it will be interesting to see how long it takes Hayden to persuade Tenley to have a proper conversation with him.

Overall I really enjoyed this short story but I have to say I think it's incredibly expensive for what it is and I would have been disappointed if I'd paid the current price of £1.99. This is the kind of taster that is often offered for free as a way of hooking a reader and making them want to read a series and I'd say if it is offered as a freebie or at a very discounted price then it's definitely worth giving it a try but at the current price I'd be hesitant to recommend it. I'm definitely looking forward to reading Clipped Wings though because I want to know more about these characters.

Source: Received from publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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  1. I agree, it's not the first time I see a very short prequel that's too expensive for my taste !

    1. I really think a prequel of this length should be free or very, very cheap! It did hook me in and make me want to carry on reading the series but if I'd paid full price for it I'd have been so annoyed I wouldn't want to continue on principle LOL

  2. Damn it Sarah - now I want it badly - tattoo artists *swoon*

    1. Sorry Emma LOL, I have a feeling you'll like this series though! To be honest you're probably better off going straight for the first book Clipped Wings though and skipping this prequel unless you find it at a super cheap price :o)



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