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Review: Inked Armour - Helena Hunting

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Scorching, addictive and seductive, this is a love story like no other.

Tenley has gone.

And in the wake of her leaving, Hayden's carefully ordered world threatens to spiral out of control. Balanced on the brink of self-destruction, he realises he needs to face the truth about his past if he has any hope of a future.

Back in her hometown, Tenley lays her ghosts to rest. And despite her grief, her feelings for Hayden remain as intense and all-consuming as ever.

Desperate to repair the damage she has done to their relationship, Tenley returns to Chicago and the man she loves. But there are still so many obstacles in their path. Will their love conquer all? Or will it tear them apart?

Clipped Wings Series:
Cupcakes and Ink (Short Story)
Clipped Wings
Between the Cracks (Free Short Story)
Inked Armour
Cracks in the Armour (Short Story)

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After really enjoying Clipped Wings I was excited to pick up Inked Armour and find out how things turned out for Tenley and Hayden. The last book left us on quite a cliffhanger when Tenley left Hayden to return to her old life with her brother-in-law Trey and I was desperate to know what would happen next.

Tenley has no intention of returning to her old life permanently, in fact she just wants to sell her old home so that she can put the past behind her forever and move forward in her new life at Hayden's side. I loved seeing her stand up to Trey, he was obviously trying to control her and only looking out for his best interests and Tenley has come such a long way to be able to go against him like that. What really irritated me was her complete refusal to have any kind of contact with Hayden, she knew he must be hurting and feeling that she'd abandoned him and she was even hurting herself but she couldn't even send him a quick message to tell him that she needed to sort things out but would be back as soon as she could be. I kind of lost respect for her because of that which was disappointing.

Hayden on the other hand has fallen apart completely because he thought she had left him forever. We saw him chase after her in the free short story Between the Cracks (I'd highly recommend reading that before you start this book if you haven't already) but since that unsuccessful trip he's lost all faith in their relationship. It was completely understandable considering she refused to answer his calls or reply to his messages but I did find myself rolling my eyes at just how hopeless he was without her there. I guess I wanted to see him have a bit more backbone and I really would have liked for him to have made her work a bit harder to get him back once she returned.

When Tenley does get back I appreciated the fact that they were both willing to talk about their issues rather than jumping straight back into bed together though. They both have very traumatic pasts and it was good to see Hayden starting to make some headway in processing what had happened to him. I do love as a couple and I've been rooting for them since the beginning so it was nice to see them get some kind of closure there but as much as I liked the book I'm disappointed to say that I didn't enjoy it as much as I hoped I would.

I think I mentioned in my previous review that there were a few other story lines thrown in that felt like they'd just been inserted to cause extra drama. I still feel that this whole series could have been so much better without the over the top feel of these situations (I'm talking about the police harassment and the whole mess with Tenley's tutor here). I just think that I'd have enjoyed it more if the focus had stayed on their relationship and the way events from their pasts were effecting them both. Didn't they both have enough to deal with without that added on top?

I may not have loved Inked Armour but it was still a likeable read and overall I have really enjoyed this series. I love the main characters but I also feel invested in the whole group of friends and I'm very much looking forward to reading the final novella (Cracks in the Armour) to see the resolution to Chris and Sarah's story.

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