Thursday 31 July 2014

Review: Starlight's Edge - Susan Waggoner

Zee has given up her entire world to be with David, confident that love and their desire to be together will overcome all obstacles. But is love enough?

Beneath its lustrous surface and dazzling technology, New Earth is full of challenges, including David's wealthy, powerful and highly competitive family, whose plans for David's future don't include anyone like Zee.

As Zee struggles to adapt to her new life, she must also find a way to re-establish her career as an Empath and fledgling Diviner. And then when David vanishes on a mission to Pompeii on the eve of the Vesuvius eruption, Zee realises that he is in mortal danger. Will she be able to rescue him in time?

A remarkably gripping novel about star-crossed love and future life.

Timedance Series:
Neptune's Tears
Starlight's Edge

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Starlight's Edge is the second book in Susan Waggoner's Timedance series and I can't review it without including spoilers for the first book so please don't continue reading this review if you haven't already read Neptune's Tears.

At the end of the first book we saw Zee agree to leave everything - her home, her family and her friends - behind to travel 1,500 years into the future to be with David. She knows that her journey to New Earth can only ever be one way and that she will never be able to return so now that she has finally been cleared to make the trip she is both excited and apprehensive. Everything is different on New Earth and she struggles to fit in and make it her home. It is clear that David's family don't want her around and she can't even find a job because disease and illness are a thing of the past and Empaths are no longer needed. She loves David but she is feeling lost and lonely. Zee isn't the kind of girl to sit around complaining though so she sets out to make friends with other Time emigrants and to find a way to make use of her Empathic and Divining abilities. It is when David is on another mission, this time to Pompeii just before the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, that Zee has a vision and knows he is in danger but can she find a way to get back there in time to save him?

As with the previous book I found Starlight's Edge to be a very fast paced and easy to read story. Susan Waggoner has created a brilliant futuristic world and I enjoyed seeing the details of how people lived their day to day lives. The trials and tribulations of the Time emigrants was really well thought out and I enjoyed seeing Zee getting to meet different people from throughout history and watching them all start to find a place for themselves on New Earth. I also really enjoyed the trip further back in time to Pompeii and the mystery over who was trying to harm David and whether Zee would be able to help him in time. I've enjoyed both of these books and would definitely be happy to revisit these characters again if the author decides to continue the series. There is so much scope when it comes to time travel and you really could take these characters anywhere. What I love is that these books are both complete books and there are no horrible cliffhanger endings but there is definitely room to revisit them in the future.

One thing I do wish is that these books were a bit longer and more detailed though. I was having so much fun exploring New Earth and learning about the different technology and customs that I was almost disappointed to leave it to travel back in time again. Although I enjoyed the trip to Pompeii I would have liked to have spent more time there, that section of the story felt a little rushed and could easily have been expanded upon to give readers more background information about that time period. There were actually quite a few places where I felt the story could easily have been expanded and I would have enjoyed it even more if that was the case. Having said that these books do make very good quick reads and are perhaps a great way to get more reluctant or slightly younger readers to give the stories a chance. If you enjoy time travel and like getting to explore futuristic worlds with fascinating technology then this is definitely a series you'll enjoy and I'm sure fans of Neptune's Tears will enjoy Starlight's Edge even more.

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