Tuesday 8 July 2014

Fight Night is here! Vote for your favourite hero from Kit Rocha's Beyond series for your chance to win prizes.

If you've read any of my reviews you'll know I'm a HUGE fan of Kit Rocha's Beyond series. I'm completely and utterly obsessed with this series and have fallen head over heels for all of the characters so I'm super excited to help spread the word about Fight Night and hopefully get some of you just as hooked on these book as I am!

Round 1 is now live and it's up to us to vote for our favourite heroes! There are four fights going on, the winners of each fight will go through to round 2 and then the winners of round 2 will go through to the final. Kit Rocha has promised to write a short story about the winner so it's VERY important to make sure you vote for your favourite. I'm desperately hoping for Ace to win, he's been my favourite since the very beginning and his book just about killed me!

Now before we get to the rafflecopter form where you can cast your votes lets have a look at our participants!

Fight 1 - Ace vs Cruz:

My vote:

I don't think it'll be any surprise to hear I'm voting for Ace in this round. This was actually harder to decide than I expected it to be because I really did fall for Cruz in Beyond Jealousy but Ace has been my main man from the very beginning and I'm nothing if I'm not loyal! I'm hoping that if either of these guys win we'll actually get a story that involves both of them - they are happily in a triad relationship with Rachel after all :o)

Fight 2 - Mad vs Dallas:

My Vote:

We haven't had Mad's book yet but I have to admit I'm intrigued by his character and looking forward to getting to know him better. I can't vote for him over Dallas though. As the undisputed king of the O'Kanes Dallas has got to be the first choice to win this fight - just imagine Lex's reaction if he didn't! If you want to get to know Dallas a little better (& trust me you're missing out if you don't!) you can read his story in Beyond Control.

Fight 3 - Jas vs Jared:

My Vote:

When it comes down to a fight between Jasper and Jared then Jas gets my vote every time. Again Jared is one of the characters we don't know as well yet and even though guys with beards don't usually do it for me Jas won my heart in Beyond Shame and has kept a piece of it ever since.

Fight 4 - Noah vs Bren:

My Vote:

I think this was probably the hardest pairing for me to pick between because I really like both Noah and Bren. You can read Bren and Six's story in Beyond Pain and Noah and Emma's story is in Beyond Temptation. Like I said it was hard to pick between these two (I'd happily have either of them in real life LOL) but in the end I think my vote has to go to Bren, I just love the way he's such a protective alpha guy but he still lets Six fight her own battles. He always has her back but knows she is capable of standing on her own two feet.

Obviously the fight I'm most invested in is the first one and I'm desperately hoping that Ace will come out on top! You don't have to follow my choices on all the other fights but I'll kick your arses if you don't vote for Ace for me LOL.

Voting on round 1 is open until 11:59 PM (CDT) on July 11th 2014 so get your votes in now before it's too late. Round 2 starts on the 14th so make sure you check back then to see if your favourites got through and to help them make it to the finals.

Here's the rafflecopter form so you can cast your votes, every vote gets you entered in the giveaway for your chance to win fantastic prizes including signed books or ebooks of the entire series so you really do want to take part while you still can!

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  1. Ha, I voted the exact same way as you!

    1. We obviously weren't the only ones because all of our boys won WOOHOO!! Now we've got to pick between them & see who we want to win round too though - eeek! LOL



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