Monday 21 January 2013

Review: All Over You - Emily Snow

Before Sienna was devoured, before Lucas was consumed, they were all over each other . . .

Lucas Wolfe is used to getting what he wants—from everyone but one person, that is—so when he meets the wardrobe assistant hired to work his band’s newest video, he’s got to have her. From the moment Sienna first obediently whispers “Yes, Mr. Wolfe”, he knows she’s perfect for him.

Three days.

And he’ll have her stripped down and bound to his bed.

Set two years before the events of DEVOURED, ALL OVER YOU is the story of Sienna and Lucas’s first encounter.

Devoured Series:
All Over You (Novella)
Consumed (2013)

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I really enjoyed Devoured when I read it last year so I couldn't wait to go back to the beginning with All Over You and find out exactly what happened when Lucas and Sienna first met. Of course having already read Devoured I had some idea about what had happened but I enjoyed finding out in more detail just how Lucas ended up kicking Sienna out of his room with no explanation. If you haven't started this series yet then I'd recommend reading All Over You first but even if you've already read Devoured you're sure to enjoy this story, particularly as it is partly told from Lucas's point of view.

All Over You is a very short novella but it is available for free from Smashwords and it is always nice when an author gives a little something back to their fans in the way of extra scenes. I don't want to go into detail about the plot but I will say that I loved reading from Lucas's POV so I really hope we get to see more of that in the future. This has left me even more eager to get my hands on Consumed which is hopefully due for publication sometime this month. I really am dying to know what it is that Lucas's ex-wife has over him and why he is so willing to go along with whatever she wants to make sure it doesn't come out!

Source: This novella is available as a free download from Smashwords here

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  1. I loved this and Devoured which came as a surprise to me with the whole bondage aspect BUT you can see there is a reason for Lucas's need for control & yep I need to know what the psycho ex has on him that's so awful



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