Wednesday 23 January 2013

2013 British Books Challenge (My Sign Up Page)

In 2011 the British Books Challenge was created by Becky at The Bookette, in 2012 it was Kirsty at The Overflowing Library's turn to run the challenge and I'm very excited to be the host for 2013. Of course it would be rude not to sign up for the challenge I'm hosting but I'd be taking part anyway because I love to support British authors.

2011 - I read 58 books by British authors
2012 - I read 41 books by British authors

I didn't quite manage my goal of reading 50 books last year but I'm determined to have my best year yet in 2013. You don't have to read that many though so if you'd like to join me you can sign up here.

I will keep a list of books read along with links to my reviews in this post.

January (read other participant's reviews here)
  1. Another Life - Keren David
  2. Legacy - C.J. Daugherty
  3. On Dublin Street - Samantha Young
  4. The Lost Girl - Sangu Mandanna
February (read other participant's reviews here)
  1. The Night Itself - Zoe Marriott
  2. Stormbringers - Philippa Gregory
August (read other participant's reviews here)
  1. Fearsome Dreamer - Laure Eve
  2. The Falconer - Elizabeth May
November (read other participant's reviews here)
  1. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (Re-read, link is for original review)
December (read other participant's reviews here)

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