Friday 1 February 2013

2013 British Books Challenge: Link your February Reviews

I can't believe we're already in February - 2013 is running away with me! I just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who has signed up for the British Books Challenge and already started posting your reviews! We've had some amazing support already - over 70 reviews posted in January!! - and I'm looking forward to reading lots more of your reviews this month. On that note I wanted to say that I am trying to visit all of your reviews but there have been so many that I just don't have time to comment on them all.

I hope you'll all try to show some support of your fellow participants though - perhaps when you add your review link you could go and leave a comment on the review before yours on the list? I know it's not something we'll all be able to do but it would be fun to try :o)

January Winners:

For January's prize pack I'm going to let 2 winners chose one of the following books. These are some of my favourite books by British authors (although there are many, many more I could have included!) so I hope the winners will enjoy them as much as I did.

15 Days Without A Head by Dave Cousins - read my review here
Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma - read my review here
Hunting Lila by Sarah Alderson - read my review here
Nation by Terry Pratchett - read my review here
Shadows on the Moon by Zoe Marriott - read my review here

I'm happy to announce that the two January winners are:

Chrissi from Chrissi Reads 
(for her review of Torn by Cat Clarke)

Congratulations to you both! You have 48 hours to email me with your address and the book you have chosen (please pick one of the five choices above) or a new winner will be chosen. As soon as I have your details I will arrange for your prize to be sent using The Book Depository.

February Prize Pack:

Thanks to my wonderful contact at Egmont I have an absolutely AMAZING prize pack for February - you guys are not going to believe how many books our lucky winner is going to receive!! Egmont are offering 6 books from fabulous British authors: Blood by K.J. Wignall, Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein, Dear Dylan by Siobhan Curham, How to Keep a Boy as a Pet by Diane Messidoro, Oliver Twisted by J.D. Sharpe and Skin Deep by Laura Jarratt!

Now as if that wasn't enough to make an exciting prize pack Egmont are also offering another 13 incredible books from their international authors, these books won't count towards the British Books Challenge when you read them but I'm sure that won't stop our winner from enjoying them:
  • Au Revior Crazy European Chick by Joe Schreiber
  • BZRK by Michael Grant
  • Dads, Geeks and Blue Haired Freaks by Ellie Phillips
  • Eve and Adam by Michael Grant and Katherine Applegate
  • From What I Remember by Stacy Kramer and Valerie Thomas
  • Gone by Michael Grant
  • Revived by Cat Patrick
  • Shift by E.M. Bailey
  • Skinny by Donna Cooner
  • Survive by Alex Morel
  • Unearthly by Cynthia Hand
  • Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler
  • Zombies Don’t Cry by Rusty Fischer
That means the February winner is going to be receiving all of the books that Egmont have published under their Electric Monkey imprint, an incredible 19 books in total!

One winner will be picked at random from the list of valid reviews submitted each month and will be announced in the following month's review link up post. Obviously the more reviews you enter the greater your chance of winning but it doesn't matter if you only review one book (or even skip a month or two in the challenge!) you'll still be entered for each review you do write. I'm afraid that due to postage costs this month's prize pack will be open for UK participants only, the winner will need to give me permission to pass their address to my contact at Egmont for them to send out the prize pack.

Important Information:
  1. Please make sure you sign up for the challenge before you start linking your reviews, I will delete links from people who aren't registered. You can sign up HERE if you haven't already.
  2. When you add your link to the Mr. Linky below please make sure you link directly to your review, not just to your blog (invalid links will be deleted)
  3. Books must have been read in 2013 to count towards the challenge so those books you read in December but reviewed in January don't count!
  4. Also, please make sure that the reviews you link are for books written by British Authors - they can be born in Britain (living here or abroad) or they can be adopted British Authors (who were born elsewhere and now live here) but if they don't fit into one of those categories then they don't count. (as above invalid links will be deleted and won't get you an entry into the prize pack). Please note that Britain includes England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, I'm afraid authors from Southern Ireland don't count.
  5. If you need ideas for books by British Authors check out the FAQ page for lots of suggestions. You don't have to choose books from these lists though - they are just to give you ideas if you need help!
Link Your Reviews:

Now for the important part, make sure you link all of your reviews using the Mr. Linky form below. In the Your Name field please include your blog name, the title of the book and the author. Make sure the link takes me directly to your review or your entry won't count and will be deleted from the list.


  1. Posted my first review. I've reviewed 6 books so far for the challenge & am reading my 7th book- The Lost Girl this week.
    Good luck everyone for this month (: Prizes look good- if I'm honest sharing the international authors would be my request if I won... But hey, I'm weird & know I'd end up reading them too (which I'm not allowing myself to do) so 13 is very hard. 6... manageable. 13... no.

    Bookwormish wishes to you all.

  2. @ AwesomeAmy - wow you're really flying through the challenge so far! I've managed to read 4 books by British authors which I was quite impressed with but you're making me look slow LOL. I'm sure we could probably sort out splitting the prize pack if you won so don't worry :o) I hope you enjoy The Lost Girl - I really loved that book!

  3. @Sarah - I'm already a quarter of the way through so I don't think it'll take me long! I'm putting it only dedication to British authors (: All my other challenges take second priority- I just want to see if I have the willpower to stick with only British authors.
    I was just wondering if it'd be OK because of postage- but that's good to know (: Thanks for hosting this & grabbing such amazing books we can review in time!

  4. Yay - posted my first review of the month! Such a great book as well! :-)

  5. Hiya! I accidently posted the wrong thing under number 2, but I've submitted a new link now as I couldn't remove it! Sorry about that. I'm really enjoying this challenge! :-)

  6. Well done both of you~
    If we review a book as a guest review on somebody else's blog can we still count it for our challenge? I haven't yet but wish to.

  7. Wow, the prize pack is super impressive this month! :-D That's incredibly generous of Egmont. And some really interesting looking books in the linky already so I'm off to check out the reviews. Thanks again for hosting all this Sarah! :-)

  8. That's a lot of books and amazingly I own none of them. A few I've had my eye on too.

  9. First British book of the year! I actually finished it in January but didn't get the review up until today.

  10. Yay :) First one I remembered to cross-post :)


  11. Another one I forgot :p

    BooKa Uhu

  12. @ Awesome Amy - I can't wait to see how many books you manage to read by British Authors this year! I have a feeling it will be in impressive total :o) Good luck!

    @ Mel - Thanks for taking part :o) Pantomime is a fabulous book isn't it! I'm glad you enjoyed it too!

    @ Chrissireads - thanks for letting me know, I've deleted the link for you. I'm glad you're enjoying the challenge :o)

    @ AwesomeAmy - I'm sorry I'm late replying to your message. As long as you read the book this year and wrote the review I don't mind if you include guest reviews as part of the challenge :o) It would only be a problem if you posted the same review on 2 blogs and then used it for 2 entries in the challenge but I know that wasn't what you were planning!

    @ Victoria Hooper - It's an amazing pack isn't it. I was so shocked when my contact at Egmont emailed me the book list! I hope you're enjoying the challenge :o)

    @ Rachel Verna Shep - There are some fab books on the list aren't there, I don't have all of them but I've enjoyed the ones I have read.

    @ Lisa Fry - yay, well done on posting your first review! (I'm behind with my reviews too LOL)

    @ BooKa - I'm always forgetting to add my review links for challenges, or I end up posting them really late so I know what you mean. Well done for remembering :o)

  13. Here's my February British Books Challenge 2013 review for Ashenden by Elizabeth Wilhide:

    This is my second review for this challenge. In January I posted my review for How It All Began by Penelope Lively:

  14. EEEKK- there goes my last minute review! 4 counted up there this month... It was 5 last month XD
    I'm getting into scheduling posts atm :P

  15. @ Catherine - thanks for taking part in the challenge :o)

    @ AwesomeAmy - you're doing so well! I'm still behind with my reviews too, I really need to catch up quickly! LOL

  16. I have to say thank you!! I have been having trouble finding British Authors on audio books at my library so I went through last years BBC and found C. Rees on my lists.
    I absolutely loved Witch Child and have shared that with many friends



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