Saturday 5 April 2014

Crafting Corner Review: Twirled Paper - Jacqueline Lee

Crafting Corner is a new feature that I'm hosting that will appear on the blog on the first Saturday of the month and I hope that some of you will join in with me. Crafting Corner is somewhere for us to chat about anything craft related - it can be sewing, painting, drawing, model making, in fact pretty much anything goes. You may want to review crafting books or just talk about any current projects you're working on or things that you'd like to start. I don't really have a set format for these posts so I'm just going to roll with it and see what happens but hopefully some of you will find it interesting and be willing to share what you're working on too. It doesn't matter what day of the month you join in but if you do take part please come leave a link to your post in the comments so that I can check out what you've been creating!

March was a very slow month for me craft wise, I've been suffering with really bad headaches and then spent the last few days of the month in bed with the flu so I haven't felt like concentrating enough to carry on with my current cross stitch. I'm not sure why but cross stitch always feels more like a winter project so now spring has arrived I probably won't work on it so quickly throughout the next few months. I did dig out an old crafting book I have though and had a go at paper quilling so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to review that book!

It's a Twirled, Twirled, Twirled, Twirled World!

Take Strips of coloured paper, add a touch of technique and a dash of imagination, and you've got some amazing paper art.

  • More than 100 paper strips in 28 different colours
  • 22 googly eyes
  • Glue
  • Twirling wand
  • Zillions of project ideas

Twirled Paper is a fabulous book for anyone who is interested in learning paper quilling. It comes with everything you need to get started - paper, a quilling tool, glue and even googly eyes to add to your creations! It also has instructions on all the types of coils you can make and lots of tips on how to make different shapes with them.

There are detailed instructions on creating all different kinds of insects, fish, farm animals, pets, birds and even aliens. Once you get started it is easy to let your imagination roam free and use the images inside as inspiration to create your own pictures. Quilling is fiddly to get the hang of but this book starts with such simple instructions that it doesn't take too long to get to grips with it and then you can move on to some of the more complicated designs included.

If you've ever wanted to have a go at making your own cards then I'd highly recommend this book, it has enough paper to complete a few different projects and you can easily buy more from any craft shop. This book is a great resource for beginners and people who have been quilling for a while. I've had it for years now and it's the kind of book I dip into every couple of years when I'm in the mood to do something creative.

I thought it might be nice to include a few photos of the latest picture I created:

Source: Purchased

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  1. Omg! This is so good! I tried quilting once - such a disaster lol

    1. Thanks Sammee :-) quilling is fiddly so it takes practise! If you ever fancy trying it again I'd recommend this book - it has very easy to follow instructions



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