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Review: Night After Night - Lauren Blakely

Their world was sex, love, and lies.

He intoxicated her. Commanded. Consumed.

With a dirty mind and a mouth to match, Clay Nichols is everything Julia never knew she wanted and exactly what she cannot have. He walked into her life one night and unlocked pleasure in her that she never knew was possible. Possessing her body, captivating her every thought. Which makes him way too dangerous for Julia to risk her heart, given that she has a price tag on her head. She ran after one mind-blowing week with him, but now he's back, and determined to make her his own.

No matter the cost.

She was a sexy drug to him. Fiery, unforgettable, and never enough, Julia is an enigma, and Clay isn't willing to let her go without a fight. But she's got dark secrets of her own that threaten to destroy any chance of happiness. She’s a wanted woman – the stakes are high, her every move is watched, and yet the lure between them can’t be denied. Can two people burned by love trust again when desire and passion are met by danger at every turn?

Seductive Nights Series:
First Night (Free Short Story)
Night After Night
After This Night
One More Night
One Night with Her (Novella)
Nights with Him
Forbidden Nights (2015)
Sweet Sinful Nights (2015)

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After really enjoying First Night (the free prequel to the Seductive Nights series) I couldn't wait to spend more time with Clay and Julia in Night After Night. This is the first full length book I've read by Lauren Blakely and it definitely won't be the last because it not only lived up to my expectations - it utterly smashed them! I absolutely can't wait to carry on reading this series so I'm incredibly relieved that the release date for the next book is less than a month away.

If you've read the prequel (which I'd recommend before picking this book up - it's free so you've got nothing to lose even if you're not sure about whether to try the series or not) then you'll already know that Julia and Clay have fabulous chemistry and you can definitely expect to see more of that in this book, but, while they have a whole lot of insta-lust and things certainly heat up fast between them I'm so happy to be able to tell you that they take time getting to know each other before they start even thinking the "L" word. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed seeing them spending time together outside of the bedroom, these are two characters who actually know how to have a conversation about something other than sex. Shocking isn't it?! So many erotic romances focus just on the bedroom and forget about a couple spending time together and just having fun so I loved that we get to see Julia and Clay do both. Of course the bedroom scenes are red hot too so you're not missing out in that department either!

Another thing I loved about this book was the lack of unnecessary drama. There were a few moments when I was worried that something or someone would cause an issue between them just to raise the tension but thankfully I was concerned needlessly. There are things from both of their pasts that could cause problems between them but Clay is very good at being open and honest about his feelings and telling Julia exactly what he wants. Julia is more wary of sharing her secrets but only because she worries that Clay will be in danger if he finds out about her past. She is caught in a very difficult situation and she hasn't been able to confide in anyone the full extent of her troubles because she is terrified of dragging her friends and family into her mess. She's also embarrassed that she ended up in this position in the first place and doesn't want anyone to think badly of her because of it. I don't want to say much about the mess she's in so you'll have to read the book for more information but I will tell you that although she takes her time she does slowly start to trust Clay and let him get close enough to get a peek at her secrets.

Julia and Clay are both fabulous characters and I devoured Night After Night in one sitting. It's the kind of book that will raise your temperature and leave you in need of a cold shower but it also has some really sweet and romantic moments (can someone please tell me to find a real life version of Clay because I want one!). It's going to be very interesting to see how they deal with Julia's past in the next book, can she trust Clay enough to open up to him fully and let him help her? Even if she does I can't see an easy way out for them. After This Night is at the top of my wish list and as soon as I've read that I'm going to start working my way through Lauren Blakely's back list because I believe I may have found a new favourite author.

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