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Review: Boundless Books: 50 Literary Classics Transformed into Works of Art - Postertext

In this book, a picture is indeed worth a thousand words. Within its covers are 50 literary classics, deconstructed and then put back together word by word to create singularly beautiful pieces of art. The silhouettes that emerge from the text illustrate the central characters, landscapes, and themes of each story. This collection ranges across the canon, from 620 BCE to 1937. Bibliophiles will find many of their favorite reads as well as lesser-known gems to discover or rediscover. Each piece of art contains an entire text in legible type, so that, with the help of the magnifying glass on a ribbon marker, readers can enjoy both the striking images and the timeless words themselves.

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This book contains 50 literary classics that have been transformed into works of art using the text of the story to create images. At first glance you won't even notice that the images are made up of words printed in the smallest of fonts but if you use the attached magnifying glass you'll realise that all of the stories are readable as well as gorgeous to look at.

I have several of the Spinless Classics posters on my walls so I had an idea what I'd be getting when I ordered this book and I do think that this is a great coffee table book but I've decided that I actually prefer having posters that can be displayed rather than a bind up book containing many stories. My copy was actually missing the magnifying glass so I had to return it but I doubt I'd bother buying a replacement. I think the main problem was that I didn't love all 50 designs, there were some really great images in there but I wouldn't say I loved even half of them so there were a lot that were just okay or pretty boring to look at.

Although you can technically read the stories that isn't really what this book is designed for and I think even using the magnifying glass you'd end up with a headache if you tried to actually read this book rather than just enjoy the art for what it is. These images are very cleverly done though so definitely something most bibliophiles would appreciate and they make a great talking point too.

It includes all kinds of stories from A Midsummer Night's Dream to Grimm's Fairy Tales, Frankenstein to War of the Worlds, Around the World in Eighty Days to Peter Pan, The Importance of Being Earnest to The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and many more besides. Here are just a couple of my favourite designs:

Aesop's Fables:

Aesop's Fables Close Up:
(to give you an idea how small the text actually is)


Alice's Adventures in Wonderland:

A Study in Scarlet:

The Jungle Book:

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz:

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  1. I slightly want this BUT I feel like this does work better as posters! I must search for a couple of posters for my wall when we decorate...

    Vee @ Under The Mountain

    1. I think I prefer having posters of the books I really love that can be on display all the time (I currently have Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland & Beauty and the Beast from (

      It looks like you can buy most, if not all, of the images from this book as posters directly from

      You can also buy literary posters from

      The only site I have experience buying from is Spineless Classics but it would be worth checking which has the designs you like most & there are probably other companies I'm not aware of too.



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