Wednesday 18 April 2018

Review: You Will Call Me Master - Lexi Blake

Thanks for joining me for this series of vignettes featuring the men of Thieves. We all know Zoey’s point of view, but I thought it would be fun to take key scenes from the series and rewrite them from the men’s point of view. I hope you enjoy seeing the series in a different light. I’m enjoying playing around with all of Z’s guys!

This is a scene from Steal the Light. It takes place roughly midway through the book after the fight at the hotel with Stewart, the demon. Daniel has been shot with silver bullets and he’s expended his energy saving Zoey by flying her safely from the top of the building down to the bottom. He wakes up, sure that he’s died only to discover that Zoey won’t let him go….

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You Will Call Me Master is a short scene from Steal the Light but told from Daniel's point of view instead of Zoey's. You'll receive a link to download this story for free if you sign up for Lexi Blake's newsletter and if you're a fan of the Thieves series then I think you'll enjoy this one. It's not a great introduction to the series if you've not already read the first book though, IMO it only really works if you know the context and the history between the characters.

I found it really interesting getting the chance to see inside Daniel's head. We know how much Zoey adores him but he's harder to read because we only have his actions to go on in the first book. It always felt to me that he loves her too but was trying to protect her by keeping her at a distance but this just confirms that. I'd love to see more of his POV in future books (& hopefully some of Dev's too!) but this was definitely a nice little snippet.

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