Friday 28 June 2019

Review: Memento - Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff

December, 2574. Forty-three days before the BeiTech attack on Kerenza IV.

This is the story of my first friendship.

This is the tale of my first murder?

Some monsters are born.

But I?


I was made.

Illuminae Files:
Memento (Prequel Novella)

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Memento is a prequel to the Illuminae Files series that gives us a bit more insight into Aidan and quite how he ended up malfunctioning in the way he did. It's written in the same format as the rest of the books in the series so contains a mixture of emails, instant messages, reports alongside Aidan's internal code and much more. I love how much depth Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff have been able to bring to this series with the creative layout and was impressed with how much they fitted into an 82 page novella too. This story had tension, drama and even romance but if you've already read Illuminae you'll know not to expect a happy ending!

The novella was a freebie for fans who preordered Aurora Rising, which was a wonderful idea but I honestly hope that the publishers will see sense and make this available for purchase too. I was extremely lucky that one of my American friends let me use her address for the preorder promotion and then sent this booklet on to me in the UK but it is so sad to me that there isn't currently a way for fans who missed the promotion, or fans that didn't have a handy American address they could use, to get hold of a copy.

Source: Received from Knopf Books as part of their Aurora Rising preorder giveaway

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