Monday 10 October 2016

Review: Texts From Your Ex - Unspirational

We've all drunk-texted an ex, but these painfully funny posts from the massively popular Instagram account "Texts From Your Ex" take things to extremes as they plead, rant, insult and just downright confuse their intended targets.

From those with zero shame ("Let's take a bubble bath together?!"), to the chancers ("U wanna go to Mexico with me?" "No" "What about New Mexico?") and the deluded ("I'm moving to England and I'd like you to come with me"), and some of the best put downs you wish you'd thought of ("Not today, Satan"), you will simultaneously cringe and cry with laughter at these hilarious exchanges between exes.

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I have a whole shelf of these kind of humorous books, they're something that I love to dip in and out of when I'm having a bad day or just need a pick me up. Anyway, when I saw Texts From Your Ex pop up on my Amazon Vine list I requested it immediately, after all I'm sure we've all sent drunk texts that we've regretted the day after at some point in our lives, if not we're pretty much guaranteed to have received them from someone else.

I was expecting to laugh the whole way through this but I should have read a few of the reviews first because it really wasn't worth the effort of reading. There were only a few messages that made me laugh in the whole book and the rest were just incredibly depressing. Most of the messages don't even make any sense and the rest are of exes being petty and often downright mean towards each other. I find it pretty sad that we live in a world where people are actually willing to say such nasty things to people they used to care about and the only good thing I really have to say about the book was that it's a quick read so at least it didn't waste too much of my time.

If you're considering buying Texts From Your Ex then you might want to check out @textsfromyourex on Instagram as that will give you a good idea what to expect. To be honest you'd probably be better off saving your money and just spending an hour or two browsing the Instagram page, the book doesn't offer anything extra to make it worth actually paying for.

Here are a couple of the pages that I did find amusing but I'm not willing to post the more offensive ones so can't show you what the majority of the book is like.

Source: Received from Amazon Vine in exchange for an honest review

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