Sunday 8 January 2017

Review: The Joy of iPhotography - Jack Hollingsworth

In this beautiful, exciting, and messy life, things can become complicated.

Your photography doesn't have to be.

You can capture all those moments of significance and beauty, easily share what you shoot, and have a blast doing it!

The author's contagious joie de vivre and his passion for photography are sure to get you fired up, and his easy-breezy know-how will have you making stellar photos with your iPhone (or equivalent) in no time.

Jack Hollingsworth is a respected professional photographer who has travelled the world taking pictures for high-end clients. It was the job he always wanted, and he had it.

One day, he put down his big, heavy SLR, picked up an iPhone, started shooting, and you know what? He rediscovered his love for photography and found he could take great pictures while enjoying the freedom only a compact, connected, and fun camera can offer. He's not looked back.

Hollingsworth is known to his many thousands of followers as @photojack

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I'm a bit torn when it comes to reviewing this book. On one hand the author is very enthusiastic about photography in general and iPhone photography in particular and he's very keen on encouraging everyone to get out there and have fun taking pictures but on the other hand it doesn't include much in the way of helpful advice for how to go about getting great results. There are lots of stunning pictures included but Jack Hollingsworth is a professional photographer with years of experience under his belt so it's very unlikely the average layman would get anywhere near the same results without years of practise.

I wouldn't be surprised if this book was actually sponsored by Apple because it's so overtly in your face that iPhones are the best thing since sliced bread and everyone should own one. What I REALLY wish is that the author had included tips on how the various camera settings work beyond not-so-helpfully telling you to "Invest a weekend of learning the technical aspects of the iPhone camera" without giving any clue where to find this information. Likewise there are many apps mentioned but hardly any detail given about what each app can be used for or how you'd choose which ones might be the best for the effects you're looking to achieve. You could spend a fortune buying all these apps (& extra equipment recommended like a tripod, additional lenses, bluetooth camera flashes etc) but if you don't know when or how best to use them it's just wasted money. Of course you can learn a lot by trial and error but you don't spend nearly £10 on a book just to be told the first 10,000 pictures you take will probably be rubbish but keep trying and you'll get good results eventually.

There are some interesting facts and figures included and flicking through to look at the photos included might give you some ideas regarding composition for taking your own images but don't expect much in the way of practical advice on how to actually take great photos with your iPhone or any other camera.

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