Wednesday 25 January 2017

Review: Chester 5000-XYV - Jess Fink

1885: an age of industrial revolution and sexual frustration. Pricilla is a woman with needs, and her inventor husband Robert is a little too busy with his experiments to keep her fully satisfied. Science to the rescue! With a few gears and springs, the proper appendages, a little lubrication, and a lot of love, Chester 5000 is born! He's the perfect tool for the job... but what if Chester is more than just a machine? What are the consequences of trying to engineer love?

A vintage delight for adult readers of all stripes, Jess Fink’s Top Shelf debut reads like a whimsical love-child of steampunk, silent film and erotic comics.

CHESTER 5000: Because sometimes love comes with detachable body parts.

Chester 5000 Series:
Chester 5000-XYV
Chester 5000-XYV: Isabelle and George

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Chester 5000-XYV is an erotic graphic novel that can be read online for free on Jess Fink's website here but is also available as an ebook or in print from Top Shelf Comix if you want to support the artist. I'm still fairly new to graphic novels in general and definitely ones of the erotic variety but I somehow stumbled across the website and ended up devouring this book (and the sequel!) in less than an hour.

This is the story of Priscilla, her inventor husband Robert, and Chester, the sexbot he builds to cater to her needs when he is busy working. Priscilla is fed up with being neglected by her husband and with the loyal sexbot doting on her both in and out of the bedroom she soon finds herself falling in love with Chester. Robert wasn't anticipating this turn of events and he's not exactly happy about it either but you'll have to read the comic for yourself to find out what he does about it.

I absolutely love the artwork in both of these stories, Jess Fink cleverly uses different perspectives and styles to make each page unique. They're the kind of drawings you appreciate more the longer you look at them as you notice the clever little details like the way she'll blend Pricilla's hair into the curling pattern at the boarder or how she uses a fisheye lens to draw attention to certain details. There is no dialogue, in fact the only words are a few sound effects along the way so reading this is a lot like watching an old silent movie and that fits in with the feel of the Victorian Steampunk nature of the story perfectly. The romance is surprisingly sweet considering it's between a human and a robot as well as being incredibly erotic.

Source: Read for free online at Jess Fink's website

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