Saturday 26 August 2017

Vuelio Top 10 UK Literature Blogs 2017

So something pretty cool (and incredibly shocking!) happened a couple of days ago. Vuelio announced their 2017 list of Top 10 UK Literature Blogs and I still can't quite figure out how but somehow I ended up being included! You can see the full list on the Vuelio website here and there are some really fantastic blogs on there so I'm honoured to be included amongst them.

I've been blogging at Feeling Fictional for nearly eight years now and sometimes it can get a bit overwhelming but I can't quite imagine life without it and I've met so many wonderful bloggers, publicists and authors since I started, many who have now become great friends. I just wanted to thank each and every person who visits my blog, interacts with me here, on Goodreads or on Instagram or who helps to supply my book addiction with review copies! I don't think I'd have kept this up for so long without all your support along the way and I definitely wouldn't have made a list like this one :o)

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