Friday 18 May 2018

Review: Game of Lies - Pippa DaCosta

The Messenger rocked your world, and now she's back. But have her lies finally caught up with her?

Trust doesn't come easy for Kesh Lasota. She survived life as a slave, survived the Dreamweaver's touch, but surviving Marshal Kellee and the mysterious Talen is a whole other game, one she's not sure she's ready for.

When the three are captured by a bloodthirsty fae general sweeping through the last of Halow's human colonies, the only weapons they have left are lies. And so Kesh must pretend to be the gladiator they all expect, while Kellee is forced to fight against her, and Talen is... Well, just who is Talen when he can command soldiers with a glance and move among the fae elite as though he belongs?

Trust doesn't come easy for Kesh Lasota, neither does love. She must survive both, or everything she's fought for will be lost forever, including her men.

The enchanting & mind-blowing Messenger series continues with more action, more romance, and more exciting twists. Add Game of Lies to your shelves today and sign up to Pippa's mailing list for all the latest news and cover reveals.

Messenger Chronicles:
Her Glass Heart (Prequel short story) (Release date to be confirmed)
Shoot the Messenger
Game of Lies
The Nightshade's Touch
Prince of Dreams
Her Dark Legion

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It's no secret I'm a Pippa DaCosta superfan and I loved everything about Shoot the Messenger so I was ridiculously excited for this sequel and I'm very happy to say I wasn't disappointed. Game of Lies took everything I love about this series and ramped it up to a whole new level. Secrets, hidden identities, forgotten memories, simmering sexual tension, distrust, uneasy alliances, wicked enemies, questionable friends, it all mixes together into a perfect story that will have you gripped from the very first page.

It's really hard to review a series that comes with so many twists because I'd hate to give something away accidentally but Kesh and her allies are left facing an impossible enemy when they are captured by one of the most vicious fae war generals in the Halow system. The revelations at the end of the previous book pretty much destroyed the trust between Kesh, Kellee and Talen but the only way they're going to survive this mess is if they can find a way to get past that and work together once more. You can feel the tension building between all three of them but with so many secrets and lies between them they're definitely not in a good place for romance yet. We also get to meet a surprising new character who I'm really hoping will be joining the harem but I really can't talk about them without ruining a fabulous surprise so you'll just have to read the book for yourself to find out who I'm talking about!

Everything about this book was epic, from the fabulous world building and to the depth of the characters. Game of Lies couldn't have a more perfect title because it is 100% a story of lies and deception, one that will take everything you thought you knew and twist it in a new direction. I can't wait to see where Pippa DaCosta takes us next because it's sure to be a wild ride!

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