Wednesday 31 October 2018

Crafting Corner: Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope you're all having a fun filled day with lots of treats and fun costumes. One of my favourite things about Halloween (apart from dressing up which I've not had an excuse to do for years LOL) is carving pumpkins. We missed doing them last year due to various family holidays and illnesses but I got to doubly make up for that this year by doing it twice, once with my Mum and again with my brother and his family. Mum and I even went to a local farm a couple of weeks ago and picked our own pumpkins which is something we'd never done before!

Pumpkin picking!

The pumpkins Mum and I carved

My pumpkins: Oogie Boogie from A Nightmare Before Christmas, 
a cannibal pumpkin and Grumpy Cat!

Family fun

My little helper
(not allowed anywhere near knives but pretty good with a spoon LOL)

Of course I had to buy my nephew a Halloween book!

Me, Aidan, Swopan, Subasana & James

Even more pumpkins LOL

Did you spot my minion in the crowd? 
My Dad always ends up being the one taking all the pics so he's not in any of the group shots

So that was our Halloween fun for the year, Aidan isn't quite old enough for Trick or Treating yet but hopefully next year will involve dressing up for all of us LOL.


  1. These are amazing hon. Well done xx

  2. Thanks Susan, we really do love carving our pumpkins LOL. It's fun now that Aidan is getting old enough to help us too :o) I hope you all had a fabulous Halloween xx



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