Tuesday 30 October 2018

Review: Saga Volume 6 - Brian K Vaughan & Fiona Staples

After a dramatic time jump, the three-time Eisner Award winner for Best Continuing Series continues to evolve, as Hazel begins the most exciting adventure of her life: kindergarten. Meanwhile, her starcrossed family learns hard lessons of their own.

Collecting: Saga 31-36

Saga Series:
Saga Volume 1
Saga Volume 2
Saga Volume 3
Saga Volume 4
Saga Volume 5
Saga Volume 6
Saga Volume 7
Saga Volume 8
Saga Volume 9

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While Klara is trying to keep Hazel's mixed heritage a secret and keep them both safe while they're stuck in a prison / refugee camp Alana and Marco are determined to do whatever it takes to track down their missing daughter and get their family back together. At the same time The Will is searching for answers and a certain reporting duo are back on the hunt for the potential scoop of a lifetime.

This series just continues to get better and better, I loved seeing that Alana and Marco have worked through their differences and are back on the same page while they search for Hazel and Klara. Alana has always been willing to fight for her family and while Marco is still trying to avoid violence he's still pretty badass himself when he needs to be. Hazel is just getting cuter and cuter as she grows up and I loved the scenes with her and her teacher Noreen.

Things have really gone downhill for The Will, he's in a bad place mentally and physically and that really shows in the way he reacts to things going on around him. I have to say I was surprised that we didn't see anything of Lying Cat, Sophie and Gwendolyn in this volume and I found myself missing all three of them. I really want to The Will turn things around as the series continues and hopefully that will include seeing him reunite with his allies. There was a pretty huge revelation at the end that has me really relieved I already own the next 3 volumes, I have no idea how I let myself get so behind with this series but the bonus of being able to binge read the rest makes me happy!

Don't mess with Alana when she's on a mission!

Marco may be trying to avoid violence but nothing will stop him defending his family

Hazel's teacher Noreen talks a lot of sense

Poor The Will

I really love that the Saga series is full of little nuggets of wisdom like this one about diversity

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