Tuesday 2 January 2018

Review: Heart on Fire - Amanda Bouchet

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Without Griffin—and apparently a few meddling Gods—to push me along, I’d still be telling fortunes at the circus, lying about my past, ignoring my future, and living as far away from my tyrant mother as humanly possible.

True understanding thuds into place. Hope isn’t just an abstract concept; it’s me. Flesh and blood me. Griffin knew it all along. Probably everyone did. I’m an idea in human form.

I have the power of the Gods at my fingertips.
The only thing ever stopping me has been me.

The Kingmaker Chronicles:
A Promise of Fire
Breath of Fire
Heart on Fire

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I've loved this series from the very beginning so I was pretty nervous about picking up the final book in the trilogy, I wanted it to end on a high note but at the same time I didn't really want it to end at all! I'm very glad that I can say my first wish came true but I still think there is plenty of scope for more stories set in this world so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll get my second wish too. I think Cat and Griffin's main story is done now but I wouldn't mind seeing them in the background while some of the other members of their group get a chance to shine - Carver, Flynn, Kato, Ianthe & Lycheron, a certain Titan we meet in this book, hell even Piers could have a story to tell! Anyway, enough of my hopes for the future, let's get back to discussing the book we've already been given shall we?

What can you expect from Heart on Fire? Cat has come a long way since the first book, she's started letting people into her heart and she's built a family around herself but she still doesn't quite trust herself or her powers. She's terrified of turning into her mother and that fear is stopping her from accessing her magic when she needs it the most. Everything Cat has already been through was nothing compared to what she must face here, now it's time to beat her inner demons and it's harder than she could have dreamed possible. I love how strong the relationship between Cat and Griffin is now and I love that they have such a strong support system around them with the Beta team, Griffin's family and even Cat's friends from her days in the circus. We've known all along that the Olympians have a vested interest in the couple's future but they've stayed pretty much in the background previously so it was nice to see a few familiar gods taking more major roles in this story.

I don't want to give anything away about the plot but you can expect shocking betrayals, surprise revelations, heart stopping action, plenty of heat between Cat and Griffin (although that was toned down slightly from the second book), strong bonds of friendship and the chance to catch up with all the characters we've fallen in love with throughout the series. This is one of the best fantasy romance series that I've come across in a long time and it's definitely one that has earned a spot on my favourites shelf. I can't wait to see what Amanda Bouchet comes up with next, whatever it is will definitely be an auto-buy but please, please, please at least give us some short stories or novellas in this world - I'm not ready to completely say goodbye to these characters yet!

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