Monday, 1 January 2018

2018 Read 100 Books in a Year Challenge

For the several years I loved taking part in the Read 100 Books in a Year Challenge that used to be hosted by Carolyn at Book Chick City. Since the she stopped running the challenge I've not been able to find a replacement so I decided to just keep my own list of the books I've read to help me keep track of my totals.

2010 - I read 216 books
2011 - I read 207 books
2012 - I read 254 books
2013 - I read 254 books
2014 - I read 254 books
2015 - I read 258 books
2016 - I read 245 books
2017 - I read 255 books

I'll add links to the books I read here as my reviews are posted.

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