Monday 7 January 2019

Review: Her Cocky Doctors - Tara Crescent

I'm going to destroy these cocky doctors.

In the town of Goat, Oregon, the two gorgeous doctors who run the Clinic of Love don’t just provide medical care.

Nope. These doctors are notorious for their bedside manner, if you know what I mean. Women come in desperate for a good time, and leave extra-satisfied.

Not me.

I’m a reporter. Doctors like Declan Wilde and Blake Thorpe give the entire medical profession a bad name, and I’m determined to expose them.

Even if their washboard abs cause my girl-bits to spontaneously combust.

Even if I really want to make an appointment with them, and I would love a special treatment of my own.

This story is going to get written. I will destroy these cocky doctors.

Her Cocky Doctors is a standalone MFM menage romance that is all about the woman. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and of course, Happily-ever-after guaranteed!

The Cocky Series:
Her Cocky Doctors
Her Cocky Firefighters

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Lana is an investigative reporter who has been sent to the small town of Goat in Oregon to do an expose on a local love clinic where the Doctors are apparently offering all kinds of extra special services (orgasms guaranteed!) to the women in town. She’s disgusted that Declan and Blake would take advantage of their patients like that and determined to name and shame them. What she doesn’t realise is that Declan and Blake have only just arrived in town, they’re there as locums to cover for the usual doctors who skipped town when they got wind of the trouble headed their way. Declan and Blake were expecting a normal small town practice and definitely weren’t prepared for the services their patients are expecting them to provide!

I’d never heard of Tara Crescent before the whole #cockygate mess but I was absolutely disgusted by the author who should not be named for trying to wreck other author’s careers so I bought Tara’s Cocky series to show her my support. I’m a bit of a sucker for a ménage story anyway so this series seemed right up my street and I enjoyed reading this first story. I was a bit nervous going in because I didn’t realise the doctors Lana was going to meet weren’t the pervy doctors who have been giving happy endings to half the town so it was a huge relief to me to confirm there was no cheating or anything untoward going on.

Her Cocky Doctors was a quick and fun read, Lana, Blake and Declan had great chemistry and I enjoyed the romance that developed.

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