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Review: Beast - Lexi Blake

A playboy who needs to grow up

Fresh from his latest tabloid scandal, vampire playboy Dante Dellacourt has been given an ultimatum. Either he takes a consort and settles down, or his family will disown him. Unwilling to lose everything he has, he reluctantly agrees to find a wife. Marriage is just another kind of contract, after all. No one said anything about love being a part of the bargain.

An outcast who has only known hardship

Exiled by her pack, Kaja is a werewolf without a home. Her life was never easy in the frozen tundra she grew up in, but it was familiar. Waking up in a foreign landscape, surrounded by bright lights, loud noises, and far too many people has left her overwhelmed. Frightened and with no one to trust, she savagely fights to get free of this strange new world.

A passion strong enough to change them both

Called to defend the gnomes of the marketplace, Dante is almost blinded by the radiant light coming off the fierce werewolf. Kaja glows like no consort he has ever seen. Gorgeous and wild, she calls to him in ways he had not dreamed possible. For Kaja, she finds in Dante a man unlike any she has ever known. They could not be more different, but she finds him irresistible.

In order to claim his werewolf bride, Dante must first discover how to overcome their differences. Will he tame his ferocious beauty, or will she unleash his inner beast?

Re-released in a second edition. Re-edited but no substantial changes.

A Faery Story Series:
(Originally published under the pen name Sophie Oak)

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Vampire Dante has a well earned reputation as a playboy but his latest scandal is one two many and his family are threatening to disown him if he doesn't clean up his act and settle down. It's the last thing he wants so he makes it his mission to find a wife that his family would disapprove of so that they won't mind when he quietly sets her aside. Kaja is a werewolf who has been exiled from her home, alone and in a strange new realm where she doesn't understand any of the rules she feels completely out of place until she meets Dante. She feels an immediate connection to him but she is wary of letting him get too close and ending up with her heart broken, especially when she feels so out of place in his home. Dante may have gone into this relationship expecting it to fail but the more time he spends with Kaja the stronger his feelings become, now he just has to convince her that they could have a happy life together.

I loved Dante in the first book so I was really excited that we were getting his story next. He was such a fun guy who brought so much humour to the story that I was sure I was going to love him so it surprised me when I didn't warm to him immediately. I really struggled with the way he initially treated Kaja, yes I could understand that he didn't want a long term relationship and that he felt pushed into marriage by his family, but he chose to court her and knowing her history and the abuse she had suffered he was still willing to use her for his own gain. He came extremely close to crossing unforgivable lines for me but I should have known that I can trust Lexi Blake and he managed to turn things around just in time. Once we got the Dante I remembered from the first book back I was so happy to see him and Kaja making a go of things.

Kaja was a really interesting character, she'd come from a totally different world, one that was much more brutal and unforgiving than we're used to so her way of looking at things could be very odd at times. She was really sweet though and desperately wanted to fit in with Dante's friends and family, she just wanted safety and a place to call home really so I was pleased that everyone was so willing to welcome her and I especially liked the friendship between her and Meg. The chemistry between Kaja and Dante was great from the beginning but it was once I started to feel the emotional connection between them that I really started to root for them as a couple.

Alongside the romance we also find out a lot more about Beck and Cian's family and the war that their uncle started when he killed their parents and claimed their throne for himself. Things are really building to a head on that front and revelations at the end of this book were jaw dropping. I'm definitely excited for the final book in the series and I'm glad it's already been published so that I can dive straight in!

Source: Received from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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